[Suggestion] Valentine's Day Virus

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Yes 19 vote(s) 79.2%
No 5 vote(s) 20.8%
  1. Spreadin' the love.
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  2. I havent been around that long, so is it possible to get an explanation of this idea? I'm blind here so I can't vote for or against. :)
  3. The Zombie Virus was meant to be fun but many people took the fun out of it by simply getting people who just spawn and just wanting to be at the top.

    I was never really a fan of the Zombie Virus "Joke" anyways. -1
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  4. Show some love EMC!
    Heh, love? Get it? No? Okay...
  5. What's an EM Can? Can I have one? :p
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  6. Fine, an EMC player, how about that :p
  7. I support this idea!
  8. I never understood the zombie plague. What happened?
  9. Maybe not a virus, but I could definitely get behind a Love Potion promo.

    You know, the be-all-end-all solution to all your problems that magically makes the drinker fall in love with the first human thing they see? I.e. the potion guaranteed to have ironic consequences in every situation?

    Oh man, I can't wait.
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  10. *sorry my quote is broken

    Yeah! A renamed pink splash potion that makes people *heart* like the cupids bow does! It could be infinite but have a cooldown :D
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  11. Sorry, not interested in catching the Love Bug. ;) Flu season is bad enough without spreading another plague...
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  12. The old link is up in the OP :D
  13. Bump, it's almost time for Valentine's, how 'bout it staff? :D
  14. If this is to be a real promo for Valentine's day, it should be required to put a dent in my wallet.