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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by madidiot21, Jul 10, 2016.

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  1. I propose, if possible, to add a command of /v derelict when trying to find a new res. I find myself going from individual res to individual res, tirelessly, to find the derelict one. So, it would be so nice to just type /v derelict as you would /v open.

    What do you guys think?
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  2. do /v random like 4 times and you will find one
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  3. Why not just go to an open res? The only situation I can think of where you would specifically want a derelict res and open won't do is because you need one within a certain proximity to something else. In that case, the command would get in the way bringing to far away residences. Meanwhile, the owners of the residences might come back (I have gone derelict a few times myself) and would be much happier if their residence was still a thing. The only other time I can think of derelict being specifically wanted is if there aren't any open and in that case the auto system should reclaim them.

    Overall, I feel that this command would be ultimately useless (why are you specifically wanting them) and could harm other players. If there is a good reason I am not realizing to want a far off derelict residence then it could be worth it but for now I feel it would only hurt players.
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  4. Ah I didn't think of it that way. I thought of it in the more innocent way.

    Suppose you are looking for an open res, but only 4 show up under the command "/v open." You know there are more open, yet they are all "derelict." So then what? You must go back and forth between reses to figure the differences? That is why I suggest the "/v derelict" command.

    I believe that after 30days, a player is no longer wanting to play on emc. At least not for now. You have plenty of opportunities to make sure your res is safe: supporter, permanent derelict voucher, or informing kryssy of your absence. There are many ways to not go derelict. So adding this command would simply make ease to searching through the open res's.

    Another way that could help is if on the map, the derelict reses were simply a different color- say green or blue. That way you can decipher the ones to visit.
  5. i just dont think it takes alot of time to find derelicts...they arent exactly rare. (atleast not on smp6) this would primarily be used maliciously i think.

    just spam /v derelict until you find someone that clearly put alot of work into their residence and forceclaim it to be spiteful.
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  6. -1

    I don't think there should be a tool for finding derelict residences over open ones.
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  7. I don't have much to add, but I'd like to say I agree with jkrmnj's post :)
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  8. Alright I respect everything you all have said...that's for the feedback
  9. Sorry but I'm also not in favor of this one. The normal way to find an open residence is /v open which fully works. If you check the amount of available open residences on the server overview you'll notice that there's still plenty of space available, so no real need to force claim.

    And there's something else: the (semi?) automated reset system. Eventually a players residence will be purged and made available to other players again. But the Empire values its players too so older players have less chance of their residence(s) getting (quickly) reset than new ones. So if you've been playing for only 7 days and you go derelict then your residence could be gone within a few days. But if you've been playing for 2 or so years and go derelict then there's a big chance that your residences won't be reset until after a few more weeks.

    That extra protection would be be completely nullified with this command.

    So yeah, sorry, not a fan either.

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  10. we will not add a way to auto find derelicts. you should only ever reclaim a derelict res if its a specific res you want.

    If you just need a res, use /v open, which the system will keep around 20 open.
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