[SUGGESTION] Update Wiki with better details on custom mobs.

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  1. It makes it a lot harder to play with, fight, farm, etc. the custom mobs without good details. Even stuff like the drop rates sometimes aren't accurate or complete. They also don't include drop rates by percent, which would be nice too if possible. It would be nice to have the level of detail that vanilla minecraft has. Yes, players have picked through the vanilla code for years to find all that information, but since we have the developers of the code themselves here, I think it should be somewhat manageable over time.
    I mention this because I noticed the enraged rabbit has almost no accurate information on the page as I went through the EMC source code and was testing stuff in game.
    Current Rabbit page:

    Killer Bunny Rabbit Head 1 Very Rare
    Carrot Unknown Common
    Raw Rabbit Unknown Common
    Rabbit Foot Unknown Common
    Lucky Rabbit Foot 1 Common
    Shiny Fur 1 Common
    Shiny Carrot Unknown

    (diff level 5)
    "Corrected" Rabbit Page:

    Spawns in the following biomes:
    Desert, Mutated Desert, Taiga, Mutated Taiga, Taiga Cold, Mutated Taiga Cold, Ice Flats, Mutated Ice Flats

    Killer Bunny Rabbit Head 1 Very Rare
    Carrot 2-6 Common
    Raw Rabbit 1 Common
    Rabbit Foot 1-2 Common
    Lucky Rabbit Foot 1 Uncommon
    Shiny Fur 1 Uncommon
    Shiny Carrot 1 Rare
    (diff level 5)
    Also, no mention of how it spawns, etc. You could make quite a good loot farm using a large grass area and the high world spawn rate of these little dudes.
    I think it would be cool if EMC players could try to make more use of the EMC custom game mechanics in the same way that we do vanilla mechanics. Right now I think a lot of people feel limited by the restrictions of many of the mechanics, but I think there are a lot of ways to actually gain MORE freedom from them if we had better documentation of them.

    (Also yes, I know it says if you see an error, contact alex, but I'm more talking conceptually about the way we handle the wiki.)
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  2. Whoops, I forgot to put [Suggestion] in the title. Oh well.
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  3. I, too, wish that the wiki was a bit more specific, but reality can often be disappointing.
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  4. I will try and improve the custom mob stats when I have some time in July. The devs provide the info, but some additions were made to the document that I asked them to add those details to, so I will go through and update the pages accordingly. I'll look into whether we can add spawn locations

    Edit: Mob drop stats updated
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  5. Tyvm! Spawn info would be incredibly useful for making farms, and frankly players will figure it out either way so it's probably best to make it public so you know what info we know :)
  6. Maybe they should "hire" some members who have proven themselves to be dedicated with providing solid documentation and thinking 'outside the box' instead of ... hmmm ;)

    Pardon the somewhat critical comment but I have a very good idea why this situation happened. Not putting enough trust into your team members and providing them with the freedom they need to make sure these pages stay up to date. I speak both from personal experience (as a former member of the contribution team) as well as from hear say experiences which I won't comment on any further than this.

    Don't get me wrong here: I'm happy this got sorted out. But I'm also sure this situation wouldn't have happened if you gave some of your team members more freedom instead of trying to micro-manage everything.
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