[Suggestion] Unclaiming a Residence -Update

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  1. Unclaiming a Residence


    I was wondering if the 'unclaim' of a residence could be updated?

    The 'reset' of a residence would remain the same; the update would allow one to 'unclaim' a residence without the deletion of their stuff and having an allotted time of 10 days in order to claim a new residence and be able to move all of his/her material to the new residence.

    To avoid overuse in unclaiming a residence, one would only be able unclaim a residence once every 3 months.

    Thoughts? :)
  2. This is already a Sr Staff service to allow moving a residence to another on the same server :)
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  3. Another, similar suggestion, or two.

    1) Res Move. Pay a fee to have your entire residence and everything in it moved to another open residence.

    2) Res Transfer. Transfer a residence to a new owner, keeping all materials and builds on it, etc.


    Oh? where are things like this posted..?
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  5. I understand what you mean and what you are aiming for, a normal user or a supporter that has max claims has no way to move items from new to old. You have to gather everything unclaim and claim then refill everything. The problem is there isn't much that can be done about that. What you are asking for will just add to an already existing issue of the amount of land that is currently being wasted by 1 time logins, or people who quit. SMP2 is a good example of this, take a walk up and down the roads there, half that smp is completely empty but every plot has 20+ days until they are available.

    As Aikar stated, there is already a moving service that you can request of a SR Mod where they will copy/paste your full res to a different res. The price on it is pretty high, but I believe they have it that way so it's not something that is requested constantly. BigDavie moved 2 resses for me the other day and it went really smoothly and now everything is just how I want it.

    Anyway, that's just my thoughts on it.
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  6. Well, you can store your items at a friends or in your handy dandy nifty /vault. Or you can get your res moved with a *small fee.
  7. Thank you for the info. :) I wasn't aware of such a service.

    Yes. Those options are handy. I was just wanting to have enough time to transfer all of the material from one res to another instead of a select few materials stored in a 1 page vault and player inventory.

    Anyway I will take advantage of the Sr Staff service. :cool: