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  1. So, what I'm suggesting is giving the players a way to deny someone's permission to respond on a certain post of theirs. It'd be a little box where you can enter in usernames. I feel this'd be useful because A.) It can prevent annoying arguments that result in shutting threads down B.) It can prevent those people that post negatively on EVERY post you make from doing this, and C.) It can stop players from snapping because of these obnoxious people on the forums.
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  2. The forums is a public place. Every single EMC player should have the right to post on any thread they want. If someone is being mean to another player on a thread, there is a report button.
  3. Purposely excluding players from discussion? No please. If a player is legitimately breaking a rule, report it, but if not there's no reason to block them just because you felt like it.
  4. How About No.
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  5. Time for a history lesson. ;) Back in the 'old days' of EMC, the How About No Bear was a pretty big thing. If you're going to say "how about no," it's obligatory to use the bear. :p

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  6. Aye Aye Captain
  7. Oohhhh! Who lives in a pineapple over the sea?


    Sorry! ;)
  8. "Who resides in a cantaloupe below the ocean?"

    Edit: To avoid derailing this thread, I also believe this is another suggestion only to your benefit
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  9. And that's all for this week's history with the nub.
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  10. Well, aren't you all so sweet with your rude and obnoxious false accusations.
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  11. Why thank you! :)
  12. I'm sorry people are taking this out on you instead of just referencing the suggestion. I think it is not a horrible suggestion but I don't agree with it. It would just result in a bunch of threads whining about not being able to comment on the thread they wanted to comment on but was blocked from. I understand people feeling like they have to stalj and harass someone that they don't agree with, I have seen it a bit on the forums but I don't think this isthe way to deal with it. iI would LOVE to see this in auctions since even though there are offenses for which people are supposed to be blacklisted from those forums, I have seen overt and destructive behavior PATTERNS left unchecked there.
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  13. Well, yeah, but they can address those by banning someone from a subforum, not from another user. -1. The point of a forum is to create a community. Excluding people is the opposite of community, it's cliquish.
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  14. But... why?

    EDIT: I'm going to go ahead and jump to conclusions and say that the one person who voted yes on the poll was you

    EDIT 2: (I feel like this is a journal by saying that :p)
    I wonder who they might be
  15. Already requested. And I could give you the exact same links with the exact same context behind it.
  16. No need to jump to conclusions when the answer's right there. :p

  17. I might have not known you could do that :p
  18. I certainly didn't. :D Thanks nub. now I know.
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  19. Same c;
    Back to the original post, I dont see this being possible as the forums just dont function like this.
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  20. @ThaKloned @Keliris That's on polls that display options publicly. It's an option if the thread creator wants to let everyone know who picked what. Hover over the 1 vote(s) thing and click it. That'll open the box. :p
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