[Suggestion] Turn off Fishing Rod Damage in PvP

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Stop Fishing Rod Damage in PvP?

+1 9 vote(s) 60.0%
+0 3 vote(s) 20.0%
-1 3 vote(s) 20.0%
  1. Items don't take durability in PvP in PvP, with one exception: fishing rods.

    This makes it incredibly hard to use fishing rods as a viable combat option because they're constantly breaking. I went through half a dozen in a few minutes. Fishing rods take durability for one reason: to discourage fishing in the arenas.

    This was changed around December of last year due to an 'outbreak' of people asking for fishing in PvP to stop. This was around the time of the old blue arena and the water was changed to glass to prevent fishing.

    However, now that it's established that fishing is fine (but discouraged), rods shouldn't take durability damage while hitting players and entities. Rods should still take damage while fishing as they normally would.

    Let me know what you think. Thanks. :)
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  2. +1
    Mainly because I was PvPing with you and it was quite frustrating. I see no reason, other than the fishing issue, why they would be the only thing to take damage. They are a viable strategy/weapon in PvP, as they can be used to knock opponents away.
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  3. Definitely a +1 from me. If they say that items don't take durability in the PvP arenas, and the fishing rod is an item, then why does it take durability? ;)
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  4. If you want Fishing rods to not take durability, we could probably disable the ability to catch fish when itemdamage is false. But you cannot have both.

  5. Just gonna leave this here :p
    though I'm pretty sure you wouldn't wanna reel a projectile towards you anyway lmao
    Also, bonus:

    Quoter's note: Love how karkar651 is just chillin' here like "what the heck is going on, guys. just.... no ಠ_ಠ"

    As for my thoughts on this, I'm neither giving this a +1 nor a -1

    I will remain neutral on this, since fishing isn't allowed (and we don't want a rather blue repeat of last time now, do we? :p)
    At the same time, it IS kinda a lie that they say all items don't lose durability but fishing rods do... so... kinda torn between both rn e_e
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  6. +1 from me.
  7. Players are treated differently and are knocked back. :p
    Is that a technical limitation, or because you don't want people to be fishing with infinite durability? :confused:
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  8. They push players away :p

  9. Ah... I'll have to try that out for myself sometime, then xD I've never used a fishing rod in PvP, so yeah...
    (fun fact: I tried to /give myself a fishing rod with a Flame I enchant before with a command block because I wanted a weapon called the "Hot Rod" - as soon as the item went into my inventory, my game crashed and the only way I could remove the item from my inventory was to make a completely new world; MC Edit crashed when I tried to remove the item as well ._. It was probably because I also added an attack modifier to it... :oops:)

    I think it's mainly because of the red text that hovers in PvP Blue that a lot of people are blatantly refusing to acknowledge... ^_^;;
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  10. On another note, if you want a good knockback weapon, use a Marlix Bow with Punch III or a Ham Hacker with Knockback III - a lot of people seem to use them in PvP... myself included ._.

    But... how effective is the fishing rod's knockback? If it's at least Tier II I might consider using it myself... >w>
  11. The latter, we are a survival server after all.
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  12. Fishing rods knock you back roughly two blocks.
  13. True. Perhaps make rods only take damage when fishing, and not when hitting players? That wouldn't break the survival aspect of the game and would make combat with a fishing rod viable.
  14. And survival doesn't mean "infinite fishing with the same rod". :p

    You know what? I think, for the good of all of us, enable rods not losing durability but turn off fish flag entirely in PvP. Then, people would eventually stop fishing where fishing isn't normally accepted, and it would save a lot of drama in the long-run as well: both for the fish-crazy maniacs and die-hards who fish in PvP only to get upset when someone kills them (head drop or not), and it would allow the people who use fishing rods as part of an actual PvP strategy to use them in the way that they wish, knocking enemies back with a projectile that has a somewhat-controllable parabolic curve to the bobber. :)
  15. +1000... so much this.
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  16. That's... kinda good, I guess...

    But at the same time, if used in an environment with water, you could not only keep distance from your opponent... you could CONTROL the distance as well, considering your boots have Depth Strider III. If used out of water or above water, you could drop it on your opponent from above and knock them to a lower ground off of a pathway, so there's that too o.o;

    Guessing this is why fishing rods are viable in PvP?
  17. So... is this a go, then...? :D
  18. Yeah, they're useful if you're low on health and want to keep people away (and they're bottlenecked; if not they could just shoot you). Recently I realized rods can be used to get "combo" hits - you can damage them; they can't hit you. When used correctly, they can be very very helpful (not so much with god stuff, though).
  19. Could not care less whether this get implemented. PVP arena is a joke. From fishing rod use to reduction of buffs, to fair pvp concept. I just see people whining about people who use God apples, flesh, candy. So what if they use those items, those items are part of the game. The true concept of pvp has been changed that it shouldn't even be called pvp.
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  20. That's fine; not all suggestions and features are for everyone. That doesn't mean, however, that you have to trash the target of the suggestion.
    Fishing rod use is a valid thing. I don't even know what you mean about the buffs. Fair PvP is a good thing and is used surprisingly often. It's good for the new/poor(er) players who can't afford all the god gear that other players have. They can ask for a fair fight instead.
    PvP is player versus player. And that's exactly what the Arenas are. There are many, many forms of PvP - Skywars, UHC, Survival Games, and yes, even EMC's jump-in PvP. There was never a "true concept" of PvP.

    Please try to keep the thread on topic.