[ Suggestion ] Tokens for using /trash

Discussion in 'The Suggestion Box' started by Upmostlocket106, Oct 15, 2023.

  1. My suggestion is to get tokens for using /trash
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  2. I think this is a good suggestion.

    Edit: I think... I read this suggestion backwards. See later comment.
  3. seems a bit forced of a change trying to give use for tokens.

    Cons: If implemented, I would just assume people would start using vanilla trash cans with lava with are either redstone machines or just letting them despawn, which would mean a (minor) increase to server strain.

    However, EMC could embrace the change and follow up on other changes where tokens are used to exceed vanilla mechanics in the future. Overall positive towards the idea.
  4. Always good to see a new use for tokens.
  5. So, if I understand this correctly, I would get tokens every time I trashed bows I get from skeletons.

    That's the only example I could think of because I don't trash anything else. Oh, would this be to reduce items kept by scavenging hoarders? To reduce the number of storage chests on a res in order to reduce lag?
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  6. yeah, it could also help to remove lag from lots of items on the ground despawning
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  7. Oh. No. Wait. No.

    I read this suggestion backwards... I thought the suggestion was to CHARGE tokens for using /trash... That is what I thought was a good idea...
  8. thread title is ambiguous, but yeah charging tokens /trash seems like an interesting outside-the-box idea.

    earning tokens, creating an infinite money loop is not a good idea
  9. no

    i rarely use it to begin with, but if this were a thing, i would definitely not use it

    then again, tokens are quite pointless, so i might, now that i think about it.

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  10. Both are terrible ideas. The original idea would add an easily abusable token farm and your idea would punish new players and inconvenience everyone else.
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  11. I wasnt thinking necessarily a lot of tokens, but even a small amount would be fine considering it would help the server prevent some lag
  12. I agree with Faded, would find other ways to trash as there is no benefit here.
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  13. tokens for trashing is a good idea but i sugest adding more stuf for tokens so this has extra use
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