suggestion -- to add the 24-48 hour wait time for supporter activation in the purchase area.

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  1. It is fine to have a 24 - 48 hour activation period for supporter vouchers. All I am saying is that the only place I saw it posted is when I was trying to activate it. Could this be posted in a place where it is seen so a player can plan their game?

    If I had known this, I would have activated my Diamond voucher days ago or perhaps weeks ago. Yes, I have been holding it and waiting for the perfect moment that arrived yesterday when the stars aligned and the most prestigious TWO residences lined up and I cashed in my first support voucher. To my horror, I was reading that it would take staff 24 - 48 hours to activate my Diamond voucher. I notified staff of my dilemma but there was nothing I could do but wait.

    As the prime res went derelict I sat and watched as another player took control of it, nothing I could do but watch it happen. The second, less desirable and now all by itself res is still available but I am still not cleared as a Diamond supporter. I just want to cry knowing that I spent hours clicking and watching and planning and spent INL $ for a Diamond Voucher only to find out that there is a 24 - 48 hour wait time after I pull the trigger. Really, I have been watching this situation for a long time and I have not activated my Diamond voucher because there have been many times some knuckle head runs in and takes a res for a short time and I have to wait it out. This time though it is a regular player that took it.

    All my planning is for nothing because I did not know about the 24 - 48 hour wait period.

    Good thing I was not going after creepers or something and my weapon took 24 - 48 hours to work.
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  2. To be fair, its a simple added disclaimer that could be added to the supporter page. While the wiki and redeming instructions are clear, the point of checkout for the voucher doesnt make it clear and people....don't usually rtfm.

    So +1 to suggestion of adding the text, it would probably be useful for someone else down the road.
  3. I have had this happen I completely agree +100
  4. To be fair, I have reeemed Vouchers and had them activated within hours. I think the 24-48 hours is to allow for IRL issues which are probably a factor in this case. You are right in thinking there should be more documentation up front when purchasing Vouchers.

    I'd like to see a field added to the to the Voucher Redemption Form where we could place comments or requests. In your case something like this may have helped: Please start my Voucher as close to the morning of March 11th as possible. There is a Residence I would like to claim that will be available at 9AM EST. Thanks!

    This way it could have been filled out ahead of time and your activation time placed on a calendar. I understand Krysyy has been very busy lately but could probably have used a note like that to coordinate your activation more appropriately if she had known about your intentions.
  5. It should be noted that this warning is also at the top of the very voucher form you have to fill to get it redeemed, as well as a section for any additional notes;
    Additionaly, I should mention that if you are simply meaning to activate supporter for yourself, the voucher method is not the quickest. You can simply activate a recurring subscription, then cancel it immediately, and you will only be billed for the 1 month, rank changes via this method are also instant. To quote;
  6. First of all: sorry to hear about the mishap with the supporter title. Right now there could be an even longer delay because the community manager (Krysyy) is getting close to her wedding day which provides plenty of stress and chaos which can result in a little less frequent EMC visits.

    But that also brings me to the point: redeeming vouchers is a manual effort, meaning so much that you really can't plan for this in any way. It could be activated within 20 minutes if you're lucky (that happened to me once) or it could also take so much as several days (happened to a friend of mine).

    However, there is a way to speed things up: get a subscription, then cancel it. I know this isn't usable for everyone (it's also not an option for me) but if you can then it is a sure way to upgrade immediately.

    So now back to the suggestion...


    I fully agree with the suggestion and I also think that the page could use a little bit more information. For example, a personal annoyance with me is the way to redeem them. You had to visit an arcane URL which wasn't easily remembered, and the information could only be found on a voucher. Not very useful if you already got the voucher in your vault.. Anyway, now we got:, which is easier to remember, but it's only easy for me because I know of its existence.

    Sure; CallMeTower is right when he says that the info is on the wiki. But how does one go there from the supporter page? The main links go to specific sections (Utopia, rupees, etc.) but not anything related to the vouchers.

    Having said that...

    I know that there aren't too many people who can edit that page, meaning that its not really an easily changeable thing. So even if the senior staff likes the whole idea it would still be a bit of a challenge to get it implemented.
  7. Ok, I guess some clarification is needed for those who can see an easy way to avoid my issue. (Monday morning quarterback). This is how I got my voucher. I saw the promo "Winter promo Buy rupees and get support voucher." So I said to my self, don't worry you will get an alt soon enough be patient, right now I think I will help support the server and get a few rupees in the deal.

    The promo did not tell me 24 - 48 hours or that I should check the wiki and no link to wiki. The purchase page, which lets you think you can pay without paypal but forces you to start a paypal account which I really did not want to do, did not tell me to check the wiki for further information nor did it mention the time lag.

    I am so gun shy from mishandling promos like the Aikars treasure voucher I have that I accidently turned into a map by mistake (thank you krysyy for help with that) or letting things out of eggs... ect, ect. that I put my voucher in a safe place until I was ready to use it. Only when I was ready to use it did I get to read what the voucher said. I assumed once it was clicked it was activated like other things in EMC.

    OK, so now I know there is a time period to wait. Now I know, there are ways that might be quicker to get an extra residence but not to use a support voucher in hand.

    Am I frustrated? yes. Does that change anything? no.

    There may be ways to get supportership that avoid delay and that it is stated on the voucher as you submit it, but what I am trying to show through this suggestion is that I took a path through the EMC system that did not work out so good. No where on the path I took was there a mention or link to the specified information.

    Why would I click on the voucher if I am not ready to activate it? The information is unaccesable at the holding stage. Why not put the processing time on the displayed information that you see when you are holding it instead of waiting for someone to click on it to see that now they have to wait? Because as soon as that voucher comes into your sweaty little hand you know it will take 24 - 48 hours to activate this item. That would be a last line defense catch all part of just viewing it, don't have to activate, click or anything. Just read "diamond voucher (24 - 48 hr activation time)"

    I am looking to help the next guy and help EMC with this information. By informing me that I should do it different and that it is posted on the very form that I submitted is sort of where I am coming from. I did it this way, for reasons that no one asked me about and I ran into what seems to be a break in the information system. A good business would want the feedback after making a sale over a hundred dollars.... but maybe I am wrong... maybe everyone is expected to know this information. By the way I have only been here about 3 or 4 months and this was my first try at a purchase here.
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  8. I have updated the page to clarify the vouchers even more.