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  1. Basically, it'll be added to /p [playername] and it will show how many minutes/ hours/days/weeks/months the player has been playing actively on the server. Its as simple as that.
  2. I'm scared of what mine would say..
  3. From all the grinding I've done.. Oh gawd.
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  4. all the afking
    oh lawdy
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  5. And possibly their could be a leaderboard for this.
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  6. But what if you just afk at your res, and move every so often so you don't get kicked for idling?
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  7. That will develop competition. ;)
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  9. I feel like that would be a bad idea because people wouldn't know if they AFK'd or just obsessively played O_O
  10. It wouldn't be a problem to implement: On each user's disconnect from server
    time_played = ADDTIME(time_played, TIMEDIFF(NOW(), login_time))
    that's very simple and fast, done in fraction of millisecond.

    Calculating time_played for each player from the logs from past x years would reasonably need a separate computer and would probably last few hours - but it would only need to be done once. Performance is not a problem.

    Now, if kids don't tell their parents to check /p, 99.9% of them will never come to the idea themselves :)
    so, neither we would have problems with privacy issues... ;)
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  11. I can see this happening but how would it count the time you were on before this is implemented?
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