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Yes 12 vote(s) 80.0%
Noooooooo 3 vote(s) 20.0%
  1. So Yeh, on smp1 the other day a few of us were discussing who would have been on for the longest time (e.g. Spent 10000 hrs playing) and wondered if there was a chance of it being implemented...
  2. Let's just get the dragon tombs first, and talk than. :)
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  3. This feature alone? No. But with some other features thrown in, I'd say yes.
  4. I dont know if there is technically a way for us to do a total amount of hours played. We have something that says how long you have been online, but like rupee counts, it didnt actually start recording in our staff program until AFTER a lot of people had been on the server for months so that data would be lost.

    In addition, it doesnt give us a simply tally of hours. It gives us log in and out times. Someone would have to do the math and I am NOT volunteering for that.

  5. Why not Krysyy? Don't you just LOVE EMC? ;)

  6. Surely Aikar could implement something which calculates the difference between login/logout times for each player, outputs the length of each individual session in hours, then adds the session lengths together and rounds it down to the nearest hour when someone does a /p lookup on someone?

    EDIT: Oh, look, I've caught your fabulous blue text.
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  7. Yes cause Aikar's not busy enough...
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  8. While it is "possible" in a technical sense, it is not plausible in a realistic sense.

    Session logs are gigantic and can not be used for data or else it would cause massive performance hits.

    Sorry but this is just something that won't happen on /p...

    However, daily report kind of thing in the future for a leaderboard would be potentially doable (as that would have no impact on game servers)
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  9. We can call it the AFK Leaderboard. :D
  10. Ah, right, I understand. We just need to invent a computer powered by lava walls to process the session logs, right?
  11. THen you have to worry about cooling and it creates a whole new mess of problems
  12. Not necessarily. Construct a generator powered by lava walls, suspend it in a tank of water, set up an output cable and export electricity to the grid, use resulting money to buy a hardcore rig to process data for /p, powered by lava wall powered generator.