[Suggestion] Tell History or /th and /gh for groups

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  1. Hello,
    I quickly searched but did not see this one as a suggestion:

    To enhance communication, would it be laborious/possible to have a command to show a player their Tell history? It would be helpful when either afk or someone has dropped an item in PvP and your chat box buffer gets overrun with spam (seems to happen to me a lot lately).

    1. /th would display any tells that you have received.
    2. /gh (for Group History) could also display group messages.

    Perhaps these already exist but I did not see them on the wiki.
    Cross-server history could be a later addition.

    Thanks for looking,
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  2. Perhaps I should have preceded the post's title with [SUGGESTION]... my apologies for that omission.
  3. This has not received much love.

    I am not sure about this. Currently, you can check the history by using the scroll wheel with the chat open. It is quick and involves next to no work.

    Great thinking!
  4. This does help a lot, but if you go AFK all day, and come back later, you (99% of the time) are not able to scroll up all the way.
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  5. Yeah, that is one downside.
  6. you can find chat logs in your minecraft files. :) I would definitely prefer using an in-game command to view private/group chat messages, though.

    go to .minecraft, then open the folder titled "logs"
    the logs will either be in a text document or in a .rar (compressed) file.
    if you DO know who sent you a pm that you missed, pressed CTRL+F and type in their username
    the process of finding the PM may be difficult, but it works
  7. ChatLog is a mod on the EMC's approved mods list...

    "Saves all chat, automatically, to a folder called 'chatlogs' in the .minecraft"
    Also has the ability to be turned on and off in game.

    I have not used it yet so I cannot vouch for how well it works or doesn't work but it seems to be an option to look into for a chat history.
  8. First, thank you all for your suggestions, support and simply for taking your time and viewing this thread. I reflected on all your comments. Thank you for that - I'm sincerely appreciative. I would like to add the following to the suggestion for clarification. If it isn't something that the community wants or needs, then I am fine with letting this wither and die. Likewise, if it is too laborious to implement or would be harsh on the servers, then that would be completely understandable.

    On the client side, I run a pretty vanilla client and don't have a bunch of mods loaded nor the prereq's for them. It's just a matter of preference for me.

    But I digress..., in essence, adding the commands just adds an organizational component; namely the ability to group all like chats together in ascending time sequence and in their 'natural' colors. This was super helpful when I played text-based games (goodness, has it really been that long?).

    Since we don't have tabbed chat as in other games, all the (E)MC game information appears in the same window. Chats of different channels, logins, disconnects, kills, killed by's, system messages, and the like. This is not a huge problem but it is something that can be improved upon without adding client mods or hopping out to scan the log in the OS. (But thank you for those suggestions.)

    I usually have to hide Town, Economy, and other channels simply to cut down on that. And in doing so, I do miss the other aspects of the game that I could either learn from or be helpful to.

    Adding the ability to show history of a certain channel would make it easier to review what has happened on that channel or with tells.

    So, group messages would all appear in sequence making topics easier to follow in their cyan color as you would normally see them, tells would appear magenta all together, and so on.

    Staff chats (assuming that there is such a channel) would work similarly and could be grouped with one command. Staff chats to each other could appear as green, green, green, errr..., green in their display.

    An optional line count to return only the most recent number of messages and cut down on overhead could also be added:
    /sh 10 /* returns the last 10 lines*/
    /gh 10 /* returns the last 10 lines*/
    /th 5 /* returns the last 5 lines*/

    Anyway, if this isn't an issue that is commonly experienced by others or isn't receiving a critical measure of love, then please disregard the suggestion. Just trying to help. Thanks again for taking the time to read this. It's a great community here on EMC and by you reaching this last line further proves it!
    -jhtk01 /* I really should change my name when that time comes! Maybe something like B4DMANJHTKZERO1 :rolleyes: */
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