[SUGGESTION] Take off the delay for enter in the PVP Arena

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  1. Hi there Pvpers
    I was at SMP6 fighting at the PVP Arena and died, I respawned and wanted back to the battle, but...
    "You must wait 30 seconds to re-enter the PvP arena"
    I know it's useful for prevent who is almost dying and for don't lose your head, do /pvp or other tp command, but it do the PvP be a bit annoying needing wait a time and sometimes that's soo much in the moment.
    So my suggestion is for take off that new system of delay for re-enter the PvP Arena.
  2. the solution to this is simple, just dont die
  3. This suggestion is currently on the first page of the suggestion box. :cool:
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  4. But who aren't that good like me...
    Can't don't die when a Chin of life come :p
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  5. As much as I agree that it's quite annoying, it does give an actual penalty to dying in the PvP arenas, so, IMO, that's a good thing. It helps make you not want to die, which is the point of PvP. At the same time, I don't PvP much, so I wouldn't know too much.

    I'll remain neutral in this one.
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  6. I rather have the cooldown lowered to 10 secs, compared the 30 secs it has. The cooldown is fine, it just needs to be lowered....
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  7. The PvP Respawn timer is a good thing. Imagine...

    You are fighting in the belly of the ship in the blue arena with two other competitors. It is a close, even-matched fight. You slay one, and a satisfying death message appears in chat. Down to two hearts, you swing at the other, only to miss. He backs up, frightened, near death. You are close to winning the fight when you hear footsteps from behind...

    The slain player walks from the shadows and stabs you - you fall down, out of the fight, but you just killed him seconds ago. He shoots the third person - you two lay dead, respawned outside of the arena while the biggest loser - the first dead - parades around in victory with your head - which wasn't rightfully earned.

    This is very annoying and the timer prevents cheap kills like these. I know the PvP arenas are purely for fun, but cheap kills aren't fun, and neither are lopsided fights - the first dead usually took home the victory.
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  8. Were you referring to my suggestion? 'Cause that's similar, but suggests a completely different thing. :p
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  9. yeah dj is right it gets annoying when you one hit someone and all they have is a diamond sword and you are fighting multiple opponents and they keep whittling you down every 3 seconds or can die then teleport behind you instantly. i think the cooldown is fine maybe a little shorter but fine otherwise
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  10. I was never really good at things in general. :cool:
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  11. But what you all, Pvpers, prefer?
    The old pvp arena system or the new?
  12. For example:
    You was fighting and your friends decided change of arena, you do /pvp
    and when go to enter the other arena, need wait 1 minute, and in PvP 10 seconds is soo much...
  13. I posted this not too long ago: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/suggestion-pvp-timer-changes.52592/

    It solves that problem w/o sacrificing the pros of the timer.
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  14. I like this
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  15. Today I was pvping and I had to wait and wait a relay dislike the wait
  16. Would be good if the timer for dying could be lowered to 15 sec to let some time for the winner. But for leaving the arena, the 1min cooldown is ok, prevents fleeing but if nobody is in the arena it would be nice that the cooldown is 0 sec since there is no players. It's a little lame to suicide each time to get a shorter cooldown.