[Suggestion] /pvp timer changes

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What do you think?

+1 - Exactly what was suggested 18 vote(s) 62.1%
+1 - With a few tweaks 6 vote(s) 20.7%
+0 - With a few major tweaks 1 vote(s) 3.4%
+0 - Other option (post below) 2 vote(s) 6.9%
-1 - Bad idea 2 vote(s) 6.9%
  1. Hello,

    The wait timer is 60 seconds to rejoin an arena after death and when exiting the arena.

    This is great for fair fights. No more hopping out to regen then jumping back in, and you can finally kill that third person.

    But it's not good when everyone abandons you and moves to another arena to fight. Then you have to wait 60 seconds to join. It's not a lot, but it sure is a little annoying.

    Now, I'm not suggesting removing that timer - I absolutely love it. However, taking inspiration from many other servers, I'd like to see:

    When you type /pvp in one of the arenas, it will start a 10 second wait timer to be teleported. If you move within those 10 seconds, or are hit, the timer will cancel and you'll be teleported out of the arena. You will not stay in the arenas if you move/are hit during that time.

    If you survive those 10 seconds without moving or being hit, you will be teleported out safely, and with no wait time to rejoin the arenas. However, if you move/are hit during that time, you will still be teleported out, but with a 60 second wait time to rejoin.

    In my opinion this is needed, because it helps the honest players, who don't /pvp to regen health and steal kills, and allows them to join another arena without penalty, if their arena is empty.

    Removing the timer altogether is a bad idea, so I consider this a good alternative to make everyone happy. Let me know what you think!

  2. +1 I was thinking the same thing :p
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  3. +1 I think I suggested this to Aikar, but maybe he misunderstood.
  4. +1

    I hate the timer with a passion, it's stopped me pvping full stop. A 60 second wait time when you die goddamn once! It's not worth the wait, unless of course you are after that minty Rainbow head ;)
  5. The PvP slows down the action it really needs to be tweaked
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  6. This is for respawning. However, I think the 30 second death timer should be removed. There is no positive benefit to adding a penalty for dying. This is a gaming server, meaning that you're meant to have fun. Something made for the purpose of causing LESS fun should not exist. :) As for the argument about allowing for players to regenerate health, some players don't even use food, making this obsolete, and for those who do, health regeneration is slow enough that 30 seconds will only give you a few hearts, and it's possible (if not likely) that other players will still be in the arena dealing damage to said player. I'd say that it should be either removed or possibly lowered to 5 seconds to allow fighting players a small chance to catch their breath.
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  7. LESS fun for you in this case probably means MORE fun for others, the ones who haven't died already. It's been argued already that those still fighting deserve the chance to finish a battle without the same people coming back to it. In the case of a 1v1 I can see how the timer slows play but until we have some way to setup 1v1 differently from the free-for-all then this makes the most sense.

    As for catching your breath, this is seen by most pvpers to be cheating. Do it in the arena if you can. If you can't then you will probably die. It's not setup like a boxing match with rounds, this is more like a roman colosseum where you are thrown in and last one standing is the winner. The whole reason for implementing it was to stop players catching their breath while those willing to risk the fight continued.
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  8. I agree w/ what Baradar67 has said in those statements
    This is what I think should be implicated
    - A 1v1 arena: Just a little box w/in the /pvp res. where there's only 2 teleport signs and once 2 players have entered said arena { I can see where a lot of coding can interfere } teleports are closed like for when the "FireFloor" arena signs are closed

    But also like he said:
    I take it when he typed that he meant you have one chance, life or death, no 3rd 2nd or 1st, just 1st.

    +0.5 for this suggestion from me.
  9. I like the tp signs idea but the code can probably be done on one sign. It checks for 2 entries and then disables itself until the 2 players leave or they are ejected after 5 minutes. Do 1v1's last more than a minute or 2? The 5 minute timer allows others to have a go.
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  10. A good point, but the system is still flawed. 1v1 battles that involve bows often extend for much, much longer than 30 seconds, rendering the timer near useless and thus lowering the success rate for preserving 1v1 battles. :) Furthermore, there are times when only two people are in the arena to begin with, and then the timer just becomes annoying because both players have to wait for 30 seconds before being able to fight once more. :)
    However, if this is the way people are looking at it, I wouldn't be opposed to (not sure if this is possible, though) arena-specific timers so that even if you die in one arena, you can at the very least go into another arena while you wait to be reaccepted into the first one. :)
    You misunderstood me on this point. I was talking about the person still alive and in the arena catching their breath upon defeating an opponent, not the people who died. Not cheating at all.
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  11. Is there a way to extend the timer on people that teleport out while still in combat? like five minute penalty for teleporting while out while under 5-7 hearts or something? Brandtitus was teleporting out as soon as he was about to die and would hop back in like 20 seconds later to try and kill us while we were weak, teleport out as soon as he gets hit again. SUPER annoying.

    As far as the rest, the timer can be annoying. Especially if it is just you and a friend. I haven't seen a 60 second timer on anything so I'm not sure what that is. Only ever had to wait 30 seconds after dying and it seemed like brandtitus had to wait less than that when he teleported out, though it could have been 30 seconds also.

    Honestly my only complaint is that people take advantage of the teleport commands with no penalty.
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  12. Actually, this already exists. If you teleport out of the arena, you can't enter back in for a full minute. :)
  13. +1

    There is also if you or someone else hits another they have the timer reset. There should also be arenas for 1v1 and head grinding.

    Sent on my cell in class or I would type more lol.
  14. Yep, I did, thanks for clarifying. In the case of the winner/survivor, being auto tped out with no penalty or regen'd to full health would be a good way to go. Lots more programming reqd.
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  15. Well if it SUPPOSED to be a minute it definitely isn't because brandtitus was entering back in at most 30-35 seconds after he teleported out.
  16. Was he using ender pearls?