[SUGGESTION] SYSTEM Banks {read first}

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Should this version be implemented?

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  1. Now, first off, no. This is not to suggest player banks, or anything like that.
    This idea is called system banks, the original idea was based off a suggestion that was well over a year old and was closed, but, I tweaked it a bit.
    So, without further ado, let's get to talking.

    What this would do, is allow players to store their rupees in an "Empire Bank" so to speak. Now, this bank will only be used to store money, not be able to loan money.
    • Why Would We Want This?
    If I needed to save up my rupees for a project of mine, I wouldn't want to spend it, or I couldn't start or finish the project.
    I would think, if I ordered something out of a catalog, but did not want to spend that money, putting it into a bank or safe would be a lot better.
    • How would it work?
    Well, I would say it would be a few simple commands like:
    /rupee create bank [aliashere] -
    Just creates a bank for that person alone, which they can name, but it also gives that bank a number similar to vault.
    /rupee deposit [rupee amount] [alias/numberbankhere] -
    This would deposit rupees into a specific bank.
    /bank bal [#/alias] -
    Checks the balance of that bank.
    /rupee withdraw [rupee amount] [alias/#] -
    Withdraws rupees from that bank.

    Now, this bank would not let you check out loans, or, get interest on your rupees; It would only be a place to store rupees. It would not be player ran, it would be something similar to vault, where you store rupees instead of items.

    • would store rupees for later projects or transactions.
    • It wouldn't be player ran.
    • There would be no profit made from either the bank or the player.
    • No loans.
    • Would be easy to use, after you practice.
    • There would be no cost to this, because it is different from vault because you can create banks or accounts for free.
    • It could be difficult to use for some people.
    • People would think they were getting interest on their rupees, when they weren't.
    • Could be hard to code.
    • Do people really want this to be implemented?
    What do you guys think about this re-written idea? DO NOT BE DISRESPECTFUL, OR BREAK ANY CHAT/FORUM RULES WHEN ANSWERING THIS. I didn't say you could be rude...

  2. I love the idea. I hate when I have to save up for something but i really want another thing but i can't spend the money i have. This is amazing.
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  3. Oh my God, a player bank! This is the best idea ever! I NEED THIS! I keep spending all my rupees freely and if this was a real thing, this would help me so much! :D
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  4. :p It's a system thingy, not a player.
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  5. I would just save up some money I use a application called notepad and record how much ruppes I need for stuff and wait till I get it the only difference that this bank command would do is make it so you can put ruppes in more then one place.
  6. A few things I think would be a good to have for it is that free players can only only have 1 bank. Iron can have 2, Gold can have 4, and Diamond can have 8.
    Another thing I think would be a good idea kinda like the vault is that it costs a certain amount of rupees to deposit it. But it would be small much like the vaults fee.
    And maybe there can be Bank Vouchers if this is implamented which are basically the same thing as the Vault Vouchers
    These are just a few idea I had for this that I think would make it a little better if implemented.
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  7. Personally, because you asked. I'm just going to give my opinion.

    This idea is total crap, and useless and a bunch of garbage to even think about coding. Sorry about being rough with it, but that's my opinion.

    If the only real benefit is to have a safe place to "store" your rupees, and that's just useless and dumb as hell.

    I advise, if you want a way to save your rupees for whatever reason, I suggest you discipline yourself. It's not hard, honestly...

    And quite honestly, this is the sad part about this idea. Ha, you're talking about creating a system to store rupees in, correct? That being said, I'm only going to assume that you have access to said bank.

    So, with all of that being said. You're still in control of the withdraws and deposits. Therefore, this idea doesn't make any damn sense at all.

    You're automatically saving rupees, the way it is. Learn how to spend them, because putting them in a bank wouldn't really make any bit of a difference. And I hope you see where I'm coming from.
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  8. Oh my God, a system bank! This is the best idea ever! I NEED THIS! I keep spending all my rupees freely and if this was a real thing, this would help me so much! :D
    Thanks for the correction anyway since I love this idea. :p
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  9. Wow, someone's a bit angry... You realize, that it's not my original idea, it has been talked about a lot since the server was made, and I only took a better approach on implementing one that was not player made, and did not steal rupees from you.
    Fair point, but, if the reason why I was sticking away from that was because the bank would gain rupees from it ;/
    I think maybe 3 banks for regular members, 6 for iron, 9 for gold, and 12 for diamond, with the bank vouchers could work out good ;3
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  11. I'm not angry at all, and people need to understand the difference between saying something's dumb, and actually being mad about something.

    I'm telling you my opinion, and I think this idea is crap. Personally because it offers absolutely nothing.

    You can save your money the way the system works now, so putting it into a "bank" that you can freely access, whenever you want? What makes you think that your ability to save it will remain? You do understand that's how it works in real life as well?

    People have money at their house ( On them. ) or in banks. And they access this money whenever, and if you have problems saving your money in general. I can assure you that some bank that YOU can access whenever, isn't going to stop you from withdrawing it.

    Period, done talking now. Think I'm mad, angry? All you want but I prefer to think a little more logically than others.
  12. I think that this could be helpful for some but not too many. The way I see it is that you are storing rupees in a bank that you can take out whenever you want. But isn't the rupee system like that anyways? The only benefit is if you are a spending fiend and don't want to lose all your rupees by spending all of them. But players should be able to manage their money well thus no need for a bank.
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  13. To clarify, you want to create bank accounts such that players can more easily distribute their money for projects, purchases, etc...?

    I don't really see the value in a system like this when the already implemented rupee system would suffice. I guess you can't split up your money like you can with bank accounts, but that falls on the players themselves to govern.

    If a player isn't able to manage their money well using the current system, then do you really think they'd be able to with the addition of a more complex "bank system"?

    It just doesn't seem to be worth the coding, or hassle in my opinion.

    Also, sometimes analogies don't translate well to Minecraft. I don't think I know anyone with over two bank accounts, a checking and savings account. Having separate bank accounts for every project is just unnecessary. Banks IRL have limitations and your proposed bank seems to let players freely add accounts, withdraw and deposit.
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  14. We need this.
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  15. To be honest i quite like this idea brick :) I, a person that cant save money for the life of me :p want this implemented!
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  16. Keep on topic and keep the chat clean
  17. I usually don't fully agree with ideas, even if they are my friend. But this is probably a genius idea right here. I really hope this gets implemented. :D
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  18. I agree that everyone is allowed to have there own opinions, but that was just, rude. There is no need to be that mean in a comment, especially putting 2 ignorant curse words in it. If you don't like the idea, you can be a litle calmer.(and cleaner)
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  19. Sorry for the third post, but I think I have the dumbest fool-proof idea ever. (No brick, I am not saying your idea is bad. I just thought of a dumb idea right now. I still like your idea.)

    So lets say you have 40k and you are trying to save 3k. Simple. By 3 beacons from a buy/sell mega mall, and BAM. You saved. Then you sell it again. xD But yeah, the system bank would be a better idea than that. :p