[SUGGESTION] Summoning Promo Mobs

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  1. So, today I did that classic screw up, everyone's done it and it just PISSES me off. I spawned a promo horse when putting it in an item frame. God. That. Sucks. So. Freaking. Much. So here's my idea, you know the Vault Voucher Confirmation? Well, when you spawn in a Promo Mob, you get a Confirmation Screen. There is a Red Wool for no, and a Green for yes. It would explain that summoning the mob may lessen it's value, and if it's an accident a player can simply hit no! Hope you guys enjoy!
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  2. +1. Always a fear of this happening lol I don't use frames ever, this is one reason, but would be good to have.
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  3. sorry but what if you are spawning a lot of mobs and I keeps happening.
    or it makes you lag because a keep popping up
  4. As someone who spawned a Rudolph when trying to frame it, +1

    This is only for promo mobs. :) (Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, Cupid, Saltar, etc.)
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  5. So true, Lets not talk about that time I spawned Saltar. +1
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  6. +1 all the way, each time i place one in an item frame my heart skips a beat
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  7. +1. And defo don't talk about meh spawning Dancer.
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  8. As I have yet to display my promos, I didn't even think of this issue until now. I think I'll keep them safe in my special promo chest for now.
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  9. Why not just turn off the horse flag?
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  10. People like me forgot the command and are too lazy. :p +1
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  11. Turning off the horse flag only turns it off for others.

    This never happened to me as I've never framed eggs before, but it could very well have :eek:
  12. I tried to put Aikers Treasure Voucher in to a frame and it turned into a plain map. I contacted staff who reset it for me but having a check in place of some sort on "special" things to keep them from deploying or turning normal would be nice. It is a horrible feeling when a treasure that cant be replaced is lost.
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  13. +1

    This is the best way I could think of. You can't exploit it or anything.