[Suggestion] Sticky Redstone, Sticky Glowstone, Knight Villager, and Salvaging

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  1. I think that there should be a recipe to combine redstone dust and slime balls to make "Sticky Redstone." It would work by allowing redstone to be placed on the sides of walls and even on the bottoms of blocks. This concept would also apply to redstone repeaters. This way, we would be able to compact our machines even more so, be able to make patterns on walls and ceilings when lit up, and to allow even more creativity with the construction of redstone machines.

    The next idea is that glowstone dust should be able to be placed just like redstone dust, except glowstone is always on and cannot be turned off. It would give off some light, like a torch. Then, the dust should be combined with slime balls to make "Sticky Glowstone." This would allow the same patterns as "Sticky Redstone," but it would be yellow instead of red. Glowstone dust would still not be compatible with redstone devices. It would be merely for decoration.

    The next idea I have is "Knight Villager." The only mob that can fight hostiles is the Iron Golem. Villagers are defenseless by themselves and Iron Golems are really rare to find naturally spawning. The "Knight Villager" would be like an ordinary villager, but would have iron armor and an iron sword to kill mobs. This villager may or may not have trades, but it is merely just to kill the hostiles. Then, maybe a new building can spawn in towns called "Barracks" where Knights would spawn.

    The last idea is "Salvaging." This would come in two parts. One is an enchantment called, "Salvage I," "Salvage II," and "Salvage III." This would occur when the tool breaks. Salvage would drop items that were used in the crafting of an item. For example, if a Diamond Pickaxe breaks, there would be a chance that sticks and/or diamonds would drop. Depending on what level of enchantment, the higher the chance to gain some or even all the items back when something breaks. The second part to this idea is a "Salvage Table." This works like the opposite of a Crafting Table. You would put something like a Diamond Pickaxe in it and it would turn it into sticks and diamonds again. Maybe there would be a downside to using it such as you don't get all the materials back. I will leave that idea to the developers.

    These four things I think would enhance game-play 1000%. Thank you for reading and feel free to critique my ideas below. Have a nice day. :)
  2. This is not possible on Minecraft servers without a mod. This would have to be added into actual Minecraft for this to be possible.
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  3. Unfortunately, due to how server side Minecraft modifications work, many of these modifications aren't possible. :( We're unable to skin redstone as going up walls, or change the colors to create sticky glowstone.

    While we couldn't be able to skin the knight villager, or give him armor due to the way villagers work, it would be possible to code a special type of villager to look like this - perhaps using the green villager skin, which is currently unused. The same applies to the salvage table - we are kinda able to add custom enchantments (such as soulbound), but the table itself would have to look, and use the UI of an existing block. :)
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  4. This sounds like a suggestion for Mojang, not EMC
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  5. Oh, I thought this was where I post ideas to Mojang. Is there another forum that I could suggest this to Mojang itself?
    (I thought EMC was run by Mojang. Is it not?)
  6. Nope, it's completely independent. :)

    I believe there's a section at http://minecraftforum.net to suggest ideas to Mojang. :)
  7. Is EMC was run by Mojang, we would have a lot more than 10 servers. :p

    I would suggest posting this to r/Minecraftsuggestions on Reddit or the Minecraft forums, as I believe Mojang reads both of those. :)
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  8. (It's not. Well, not yet.)
    I usually send my ideas to Jeb or dinnerbone through twitter. :p Some dude posted cat pictures everyday for them till we got stained glass. ;)
  9. Suggest it on Reddit r/ MinecraftSuggestions