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  1. So when you start off in emc you get pretty much everything you need.

    Exept a bow

    I think a bow with unbreaking 3 and infinity (as well as an arrow named "starter arrow") should be added to the starter set

    Also, so that new players arent harrased for this new item, it should be added to /promo

    Tell me whatcha think :)

    Also, if you think an infinity bow is too op, maybe just unbreking 3 to match the res of the gear and a stack of starter arrows
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  2. I would suggest just the unbreaking 3, not infinity because then it becomes Op.

    But +1
  3. I understand the suggestion. But if we start handing out everything to people on a plate, the plate only gets larger. i.e. what's next? Starter crafting table, starter furnace, starter etc.

    Having it available via /promo would not stop new players being "harassed" for them because players can still ask them to claim the promo so that they can have them. If we add any tutorial items, it should be given straight to the player.

    I don't think this is a bad suggestion but the starter items are only to start a player off so that they can build up and get better things. A boost, if you like. We have to draw a line on the starter items somewhere. Whether that's before or after a bow, that's not for me to decide and I'm not too bothered either way, but as I say, there does have to be that line somewhere!
  4. i give this a +1 minus the infinity bit.

    mostly because skele's are harder to fight without a bow these days ! if i were a new player and out in the wastes trying to gather materials for better tools and armour and i came across skele's, i would find my self struggling a little with a sword considering their movements since the 1.9 update :p

    not to mention, it'd just be considered another tool / weapon. i know there's a line that should be drawn like fdny said with starter stuff, but i don't think a bow would hurt too much. i think that it's something that should be a part of the starter gear pack. doesn't have to happen, but would be nice to see that new players could use a bow to defend themselves too, not just a sword ( or other tools if they feel like using their other starter tools ).

    the infinity bit would be too OP though, even for a new player ( or those buying starter gear / those who have alts ), in my opinion, i believe it would just need unb 3 like all the other starter gear :)
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  5. For a collector this would be awesome! However, as FDNY21 pointed out, this could make things even easier for new people and then where do you go from there. The starter items we have now and not great (as they shouldn't be) but is enough to get you started until you find/buy better items.
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  6. I argee with FDNY, but, maby just an unbreaking III bow whould be nice, I mean, I think that that is the last this that really isn't there but is needed, the only other thing is a pair of sissors, but that is somthing that usually comes later in survial, enen though I don't know where the bow is here, I'm always playinga t peacefull, the once a year I'm playing survival :)
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  7. I'm saying +0. While I do like the suggestion, it is not hard to go into the wastelands and kill a couple spiders for string and then some skeletons for arrows.
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  8. This could be a beneficial suggestion, much like everyone else has said its better for it to be just unbreaking 3. The starter arrow is not needed, the player can just receive a stack of regular arrows. Having a bow early on can help players against troublesome creepers and trolly skeletons. I give this a +1 minus the starter arrow and infinity enchantment.
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  9. Just a regular bow should do with 16 arrows
  10. This is too overpowered, why not just a unbreaking 3 with soulbound?



    Why not just vote and get the voters bow?
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  11. i said unbreaking iii and souldbound was an option, as i knew ppl would say infinity is too op, also voters bow takes alot of votes to get :p by then your starter gear would be useless
  12. Yes but it is worth the time it takes lol.
  13. I think he means it should be added for new players ease, 200 vote bonus takes a while to complete XD But -1 from me. Unlike the rest of the starter items, a bow and some arrows are pretty simple to make.
  14. Well if you're the average Minecraft player that server hops every couple months, 200 days is quite a long time.