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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by cj12115, Aug 17, 2015.

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  1. Hey EMC, I have a fun little idea. What if there was some kind of competition where if you win, you get to have a staff experience. You get to see stage, you get your name in green, and some other things. This is probably a bad idea, but just seeing what you guys think about it :).
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  2. Nice idea.
    Just maybe not making the winner ban/mute people as some might abuse that.
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  3. Oh yeah, forgot to include that. They will be monitored my other Staff (or something like that :p) so that they don't get out of hand or deal with a problem wrong :)
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  4. The Staff position is not an award from a competition. It is not won through a lottery system. Staff have access to info that is confidential - square info, ban appeals, staff forums. Not just anyone should have access to that.

    Besides, Staff members don't even have access to stage until a month or so into their time as a staff member.

    While I can't speak officially, I can tell you that this will never, ever happen.
  5. I was positive this would never happen, I just want feedback on the idea. This is what I was looking for :).
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  6. It seems like a good idea at first but I was thinking exactly what PenguinDJ was...
  7. I apply for Day Staff. May god have mercy on your souls.
  8. :D
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  9. For once I am with PenguinDJ as you do have some players that might enter just to abuse their powers on another player or to gain advantages over others as they would know classified data and would ruin the surprises that the staff are currently working on as some do go running their mouths to others. In addition they would not have had any training meaning they don't know how the commands work for example, even if you are kick as a joke it does count against your player record meaning they could be pulling jokes like BlackKnight1021 and Luckygreenbird then end up affecting a lot of players in a bad way.
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  10. While this seems like a great idea there is no way it will happen. For plenty of the reasons listed and then some. There is a lot of things I can't talk about Staff life ( think fight club rules ) I can say however that we are forever in training. This isn't something that can be done for just a few hours. I spent the first three days as staff reading. And still reread all the rules once every few days to make sure I understand them.

    If you want to be staff then apply I am sure that krys is always looking for more.
  11. 1st and 2nd rule of Fight club... I mean Emc staff..

    Also somedays aren't always RainbowsChins and Lollipops.... :D
  12. Well most days are rainbowschins I'm not sure that guy sleeps.

    But really. Being green can be stressful. And it's awesome. I love my job and would never willing give it up.

    Back on topic. This isn't feasible. But sounds fun.
  13. I knew something like this would never happen, but thanks for the feedback :D
  14. What about a special color name for a day? or even a month?


    Something like that might be cool.
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  15. Yeah, maybe we could limit it to something like that :)
  16. Redstone Supporter m8.
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  17. Lapis, Redstone, and Coal supporter! :D
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  18. I don't know what kind of feedback you're looking for. Everything that can be said has basically been said by others :p
  19. Doesn't red name text mean that you've been marked for death, and Krysyy has released the Empirites, who will not sleep until they slake their thirst for human blood? Or did I go through a different tutorial than you?
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