[SUGGESTION] Staff actually fixing what has been griefed instead of just banning the player.

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  1. Greifing. It happens. A lot. Whenever something was griefed and staff fixes it, they just ban the player and game over. That huge nether farm that took you months to build got blown up by tnt, and you don't have the strength to buy everything and rebuild. Staff should at least return the griefed items to the victim, like some sort of system where a staff member requests grief replacements and senior staff+ checks it out and sends the items. A huge reason why people are afraid to build in the wild is because they are scared of greifers. If a greifer comes and destroy a lot of things, then, they lose almost all of their hard work, and the items won't come back because they are in the inventory of a banned player.
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  2. Antigriefing is REALLY close to being here, which means we won't really have anything to fix :)
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  3. it must be close since within 30 minutes jack and aikar both said it was REALLY close :p
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  4. Hopefully...
  5. This could also be exploited:

    Person 1 gets 1 alt
    Person1 goes to person 2 house(different IP)
    Person 1 griefs himself with his alt(and puts the stuff somewhere)
    person 1 goes back home, and never use that account again on EMC.

    If staff would replace the things, then you would be able to dupe items...
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  6. How would they get the items to themself without staff eventually noticing? And dang that's a lot of alts :p you would be better off just buying rupees with all that money. I guess it would be possible, just very unlikely.
  7. Eventually... That would make the payer already rich and transferred the dupe items into money, by selling to shops, ad that stuff, and possibly invested that "fake"money. and staff aren't just going to erase all those transactions as it affected other people...
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  8. Staff don't ever 'simply replace' items. Its all investigated and tracked in square. This would be caught onto in the initial stages of checking everything.
  9. Like others said, players could use this and "grief themselves" so they get more materials.
    Plus, groups like Shel's anti-griefing is always there to help you out. :)
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  10. Nah, I doubt most MC players know enough about IT security tracking and spoofing to defeat how the Staff can track everyone's computer... ;)

    And most of us that do play computer games to get away from work related stuff instead of having to do it without getting paid for it.
  11. We, GRIP, try our hardest to help others with replacing their items. Also, do we really want our SS having even less time to do what they should be doing?
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  12. if you move out into the wild and build a base that is self sustaining then it would take griefers DAYS to do enough damage to not be worth it to fix. I just had to fix my guardian farm and it took me two hours BUT I have made millions off of it and don't mind spending two hours and about 5k in resources to fix it. Thats just one part of the base. If I were to make other farms that increased the amount the base could output in resources/rupees then it would have been even less of a bother and honestly, it was just a little annoying.
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  13. Well, first of all I'd like to put some extra attention to what Ender & Builder said up there. If you've been griefed then be sure to let us know. GRIP is a non-profit organization run entirely by players for the players. If you've been stolen from in the Frontier then chances are high that we can help you refund a lot of your items.

    But having that out of the way I do agree with you. And there are already existing methods which could put a halt to all this, iirc I even mentioned this to Aikar once and he is aware of its existence.

    My personal favorite tool of choice is Prism. It's a "block tracker" which is in my opinion simply mind blowing. It basically tracks every single world change in a backend (MySQL) database and allows operators to check for those changes. And it goes in great depth too: it can list changes on a per-player base, but also per-event. Say someone blew up something with TNT. Then this critter can not only detect the explosion event, it will also connect it to the player who ignited it and make sure that events which got triggered because of the TNT have also been included.

    Small example: $griefer sets of an explosion, this causes water to burst and that flushes away a redstone circuit. Within Prism all of those events would have been linked to one initial event: the TNT explosion. More importantly: because it was logged it can also be rolled back. Meaning that you don't have to give items back, you simply undo the entire action. It even has preview methods so that you can be sure that whatever it is you're doing is what you had intended.

    And it even runs quite nicely on Spigot I might add.


    Just check out the official download page. Last update: February 2016, game version: 1.8.1. We're already close to going 1.9 on EMC. And that's even ignoring another issue: this might run quite nicely on a medium server which has, say, 30 - 50 players. But what would this do on the Empire where it isn't unlikely that in some events 60+ players are busy digging their way down, or chopping trees, or planting them all at the same time?

    A lot of solutions out there will work easily on regular servers, but in some cases EMC is everything but regular.

    So I really don't think there is an easy 'one size fits all' solution out here. But for now we do have GRIP and although we keep a bit of a low profile when it comes to helping out I can rest assure you that we're there when it counts.
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  14. I know I'm playing the devils advocate right now, and I also realize that I'm talking about things of which I don't know all the details yet.

    But... Basing myself on what we do know so far I also think it's fair to mention that anti-griefing is most likely only usable by those players who can afford it. No one really knows what the costs are going to be, and I'm pretty sure they'll be balanced out, but I can't help think that there will always be players who fall through the cracks of the system so to say.

    Edit: Fixed comment to avoid confusion, also see Krysyy's post below.
  15. Well it's a tad more complicated than that, but penguin is right. As we've said MANY times now, anti-griefing will be free. Once we're done breaking it a few more times, it will be on the Empire so Jack and Aikar are right. REALLY soon.
  16. Then I stand corrected, sorry about that. I was fully under the impression that the whole thing was basically rolled into one (so protection & claiming; you "claim" protected land). I'll fix that stuff up there to avoid more confusion.
  17. Nah, Aikar talked about this feature that will be implemented in that thread with the poll that lasted for like two months xD

    It was buried somewhere on like page 45 of the comments while discussing the perceived spike in griefings at that time. He basically said what kryssy said. Group members and/or friends or something to that effect. But then there comes the whole problem of lava walls around spawn... just not with lava. He said something about that too but so man comments in and I was a little tired.
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  18. Do they need a bug tester? I'm so bad at things, I'm a natural at finding bugs. Idk if anyone told you yet, but you can cover your town road in snow. You just need a snow golem to push around and perhaps have the roads in biomes that support snow.
  19. I think this would be a great improvement for EMC.

    BTW, big THANK YOU to GRIP -
    your service shows real care for the community by real care for griefed players -
    I'm happy we have GRIP on EMC.

    That feeling :)
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