[Suggestion] SS Service - Residence-to-residence structure moves

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Should off-residence structure moves be a senior staff service?

Yes 4 vote(s) 100.0%
No 0 vote(s) 0.0%
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  1. Example:
    Let's say you've built an automatic sugar cane farm that can be built from bedrock to the sky limit, and you want to expand it due to its inefficiency... but you have built it underground, where you cannot expand it because a lot of things on the surface would need to be moved and adjusted for such a change (or because you have neighbors nearby that would not like to see a massive sugar cane farm as an eyesore).

    You also have an empty residence that has been cleared of dirt, and does not have anything built within it. You go to the senior staff members requesting the change, but you are told that the change cannot be made because the existing structure move service can only be done within the same residence.

    An off-residence structure move within the town should cost 100k to be done, which is the same cost as moving whole residences in the town.

    The reason for the price is because I have been told that an off-residence structure move would cost 100k, but such a service does not even exist...

    What do you guys think? :)
  2. ....this exists already... you can move anything on one residence to another residence on the same server. i think you can even go cross server but dont quote me on that
  3. I've been told by Matheus that the service cannot be done outside of the same residence, which is why I posted this thread. :rolleyes:
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  4. not to talk smack about ducky, check with krysyy or bigdavie on this one tbh i know ive seen it done before, not like town roads arent essentially what this is only put on a road we cant edit
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  5. You might have mistaken those as Road edits then res-to-res Structure moves.

    Structure Moves(top)
    15,000r per move
    Got a building or structure that you need shifted over a few blocks? Senior Staff members can move it to where it needs to go. The price is per move, regardless of how many structures you need moving.
    • Structures can only be moved within the same residence.
    • Remember that redstone systems can break with world-edit, so be prepared to fix any errors caused by the movement.
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  6. well i guess ole bite just sux then :(
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  7. The correct post to quote would actually be:
    At present this only applies for the entire residence. It is under review whether to extend this to allow for partial moves. In the future, Senior Staff service additions should be suggested to the Senior Staff in a pm, as someone recently suggested this very thing (which is why it's under review).
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