[SUGGESTION] Spring Equinox Promo

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  1. This is kinda late... The Equinox was March 20.

    But I feel like we REALLY need a promo for this.
    Important for sciency people :D

    Umm... We could do a clock?
    Or something else.

    I mean... This is the SUGGESTION BOX PEOPLE!

    Too much emotion...

    Please reply to this post!
  2. There will (99.99999999% 100% sure on this) not be a Spring Equinox promo. The day has already passed.
  3. Really?
    No offense but I am sad that you ruin all my posts (kind of)
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  4. I'm sorry but we don't need promos for every special day of the year. There are TONS of them. Meaning there would be a promo like 3 times a week. Just no.
  5. There has never (to my knowledge) been a promo past the day being celebrated. Also, the Equinox is not a major holiday. I'd love to have a promo for it though, but unfortunately it's extremely unlikely that it will happen NOW.

    Edit: Pressed for time at the moment. Will reply to the second line later.
  6. I don't even know what an Equinox is so I don't think there should be a promo for that. Besides, it's a bit past March 20th. =P
  7. The St. Patrick's Day promo is still active and as the community has stated, we cannot have a promo for everything or there would be one every day which lessens their special nature.
    Fill out the form at emc.gs/suggestpromo and maybe we can use it in the future, but in reality it is much too close to other holidays for it to happen.
  8. Okay. Thanks!
  9. I forget, does EMC celebrate Easter?
  10. You can answer that question by checking old promotional items.
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  11. Usually.
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  12. Usually... Eggcellent Wands last year :p Not sure about the year before, I think last year was the first year we celebreated? :confused:

    EDIT: Ninja'd
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  13. Ahh yes. My brain is too overloaded with knowledge to remember everything. ;-; #GottaStudyUp
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  14. I'm replying to this here, as it's obviously not private.
    I don't think I do. By "posts" I've thinking you meant threads, and for the purpose of this post I'm assuming that's true. I've decided to take a look at all of your posted threads to see where you're coming from:

    I posted here to inform you that your auction was invalid. It was shut down anyway, so I didn't ruin it.

    Here, I bid, and then you asked me to server advertise. I politely refused and told you I would not.

    I've posted a price check and explained special item categories for your knowledge, as I suspected calling an item by the wrong name would cause confusion (it did for me).

    I had the first reply, which it seems at least 8 people agreed with. My idea just happened to contradict yours. I also had more to say but decided to leave it at that. By the time I had gotten around to editing, M4nic had covered what I had wanted to say.

    You closed your auction, and for fun I was informing players that the starting bid would be selling for just 5r per diamond.

    Just an auction, on which I bid.

    This one I think you saw as a problem. You were begging for rupees and items, which is completely not allowed. I informed you as such and your thread was closed.

    And this one. My post wasn't well explained. Read my follow-up for more information as to where I was coming from.

    I really can't see how I've "ruined" all of your posts. If you wish to discuss this further (or elaborate beyond a single line), please PM me with any concerns.
  15. Keep this thread on topic please or posts will start to disappear.
  16. I believe that was geared toward me, correct? However, since EmoryCrafts opened the conversation by saying my posts "ruined" hers, aren't I able to defend my posts?
  17. Ohhhhh snap :p

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  18. Mostly incorrect. Only reason I said something was because of the next post. Though tbh you shouldn't be using someone's suggestion thread as a way to hash it out in public. If you have a problem with a player or need mediation between players, message me privately.

    Now back on topic...
  19. *Krysyy readies her sonic screwdriver*

    This is a mighty fine idea, just a bit late to the party :I
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  20. *Deletes posts...*