[Suggestion] "Spring cleaning" Event!

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  1. So, I've been walking around the servers, looking at all the broken up landscape. And then a few people we're cleaning up some things, and that gave me an idea :
    Make it official.

    Like, a weekly-ish event, which many people from different servers VOLUNTEER to clean up
    a server's frontier.

    Let's make the frontier as beautiful as it used to be! And for your volunteering, you can get a little reward or something, like a renamed gold bar called "Medal of Merit" which is un-sellable.
  2. I actally really like this idea! I often end up taking dirt just out to the waste to fill in creeper holes so you don't fall just stepping off from spawn. It's actually become a bit of a pet hate of mine! The frontiers especially need to be kept tidy, more so than the waste! :)
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  3. Sorry for my typos! I'm on my phone at work!:)
  4. I approve this thread :D

    Sounds like a good idea filling up holes growing trees maybe even building some more landmarks.
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  5. Nothing worse then creeper holes lol
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  6. I've already begun on something similar on SMP6 :) Read about it here. There are guidelines on when NOT to do certain things. I'm sure they would apply to this event as well. I worked with Krysyyjane9191 to establish the guidelines. There are a couple of open questions regarding some of it.

    I've been busy/distracted with running my outpost. If you get clear guidance/answers to the lingering questions feel free to cross post them to my thread!
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  7. I am still in favor of the PRA being displayed again and it being reset every Earth Day or something.
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  8. I'm unfamiliar with the "PRA" could you or someone else provide a link/description. And what areas are you suggesting get reset? (2500 out from each spawn? Entire frontier? ...etc.)
  9. Period Reset Area
    It used to be this giant circle in the Frontier that would reset, well, periodically to give the Wilderness a clean look with the same seed.
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  10. The trouble is they broke the warning and square on the map. I had no idea what it was until after I attempted to place a chest and looked up more info on site. 95% of my community farm is in the PRA now. I think they have given up on the PRA system at this point. I wouldn't mind rebuilding, it's just a strange system that I don't think works very well. /waste "should" void the need for it now.
  11. That is my problem. They added the wasteland without repairing the damage that the wilderness had already endured.

    I do believe that they are doing something, I am most likely wrong.
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  12. Ahh. Thanks. I think it would be wonderful if they reset everything in that zone. It would prevent accidental banning of well intended players. And i'm perfectly happy to rebuild the bridges... this time without obstructing water traffic!
  13. It will be a lot of homes lost though. Not everything in the PRA is junk or bridges. Just players that want to get out of town and don't realize that they need to get further out.
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  14. We've tried this on SMP9
  15. People stopped trying due to many griefs
  16. They usually have a forewarning before any reset and then the player would live and learn about the PRA
  17. Do... you
    So you want to make the wilds a better place for everyone... by destroying everything someone has worked on... so the more advanced players have a nicer looking walk to their place? That'll teach those noobs to do /frontier again... ;)

    The PRA system is broken. Krys has chosen not to use it again (mentioned in another post).

    We do need better solutions to the near by frontier area. Empires will help a lot with that as teleports will make everyone "close to town". The ability for localized rollbacks from griefings or just ugliness would be really awesome. We have 7000 new people a month, thats a great thing, we just need to up our toolbelt to deal with that kind of traffic.
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  18. Nope. A single reset would be good to be honest, just one and I would assume it would be great from there one.

    Oh and, I want to destroy everything someone has worked on so that all players can have a nicer looking wilderness that we all deserve.
  19. I'm a little hesitant here. I like the idea; its a good one, don't get me wrong there. But I can't help wonder about possible side effects.

    With these kinds of things (people helping to repair stuff and clean things up) then I think continuity is much more valuable than quantity. What I mean by that is: I think that 4 people who try to clean up their Frontier a few hours every week and do so for months in a row are far more valuable to the server than 50 people who also do this, but for a short time and possibly also more to join the event than the motivation to actually clean things up.

    First of all; the small amount of regular players will know their surroundings and therefor have much better chances to properly distinguish player builds from damage. But if you get lots of people involved: what is ugly and/or out of place and what is actually a player build? I'm not kidding: I've seen player builds which actually featured holes and gaps "because that gives it that rough look".

    If you put 50 people onto such a job then you'd better regulate all of that to make absolutely sure that a well meant clean up effort doesn't turn into an accidental griefing party. And that could be a lot more difficult than you may think.

    In my opinion some things are much better off when left unregulated and therefor remain unofficial.

    And well, I think this is one of those things.
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