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  1. Hi everyone,
    I'm Perry_Stahlsis, the founder of the newly formed Netheric Studies frontier outpost. I would like to sponsor/kick off a group frontier cleanup effort. You do not need to be a member of Netheric Studies to participate. You don't even need to frequent SMP6. The only requirement is that you have the will to respectfully reconstruct the landscape and provide your own materials. Mods in creative mode would be an amazing help here!

    Why? Most of the landscape next to the spawn/outpost locations in the frontier looks like a warzone. This is likely left over from the pre-wastes days, and yet it still looks ugly. In fact I nearly left EMC when I first saw it, but decided to check further out from spawn. I'm glad I did.

    To prepare for this announcement/effort I've read some of the forums where others have done this, and spoke with Krysyyjane9191 about the rules/guidelines.

    What will we cleanup?
    1. Those tall skinny 1x1 cobble and dirt towers near spawn/protected regions. So long as they are unused.
    2. Abandoned/unused, griefed buildings in the war-torn looking areas.
    3. Reconstruct the landscape in the wartorn looking areas.
    4. Leveling out sand holes in the deserts, and gravel fields in extreme mountains.
    5. Remove barriers to water travel, by rebuilding the many in water stone and dirt bridges above the water.

    How will we clean it up?
    For the landscape: We will try to mimic how the target biome looks in an ungriefed landscape. I can provide advice on how to do this, if needed. So don't place spruce in the middle of a waterless desert, for example. We also will do our best to make sure that existing structures can still be used. (e.g. we won't cover them in dirt, stone, sand...etc.!)

    For the water travel we will first rebuild the new bridge above the water. It will nearly have the same start and end locations. Then the old one will be removed. We will only remove water-based buildings if they are griefed and abandoned.

    How do I know if a building/structure is used?
    1. It will have locked chest near it. Look for these before altering a structure.
    2. It will not appear severely damaged/griefed, even if it doesn't have an (obvious) locked chest.

    NOTE: If you are not 100% sure it's abandoned, do not remove it! You will get banned if you do. Getting unbanned is a pain. So leave it alone. Contact a mod if you think it really needs to be cleaned up. Work with them on how to approach it.

    But what about "broken landscape" where I can't navigate it to find out if there is a chest?
    Talk to a mod or staff member about how to approach fixing it. Don't do anything they don't give you permission to do, even if you think it's reasonable. The inhabitant of that land might disagree. Changing something in a way that upsets other players makes things unnecessarily difficult. We want things to be easier for everyone, without upsetting anyone.

    What if I find a locked chest hidden in a wall/floor/ceiling of a griefed-looking building?
    FIX THINGS ASAP! Then start a conversation with the owner and work with them to repair the damage you did. Let them have the final say on when its done. This is an effort to cleanup the landscape, not an effort to mess with players who prefer a griefed looking building.

    May I contact the structure owner(s) to try to convince them to move/remove/change the structure?
    Yes. Be polite. Include the coordinates of the chest. Ask only once, and if the structure owner doesn't reply, or says no, move on to other areas.

    Is contributing building materials for others to use a good way to help?
    Yes! Please do. If you want to contribute materials instead of work do that too. The volume of sand, sandstone, smooth stone, dirt, and saplings needed to reconstruct the landscape is tremendous! Any and all help in this regard is appreciated, even if it's just a single block of dirt. I'm serious!

    Should I tell people when I'm cleaning up an area?
    That would be really nice! Just put a response in this thread indicating which outpost and roughly what area near it you're working on.
  2. We shall upvote for visibility :D
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  3. Beginning a little waterway cleanup near the eastern outpost. South side.
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  4. This is awesome. Please let me know if you need some building materials
  5. I need all I can get! Wood logs, wood fences, stone brick, and cobble fences, I'm on the waterway near 9114,75 right now.
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  6. I'm working for the next several hours I'll set you up an access chest or 5 and get you some stuff
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  7. You rock man!
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  8. Initial water way cleanup results.

    1. This is an image of the now true bridge I built.

    The prior "brige" blocked water traffic, had holes all over, and was just dirt and cobble... And it was embedded in the water making boating through the area difficult/impossible depending on destination. What a hassle to other players that was!

    2. This is another bridge i found in the area.

    It frequently has holes in it due to creepers. I filled in some of the holes, and lit it up to minimize the MOB spawn problem. Please leave the torches in place. If you are, or know, the primary maintainer/owner of this bridge please contact me. I would like to improve it. both visually and from a maintenance standpoint. (i.e. we can creeper proof it, and I have an outpost member supplying me with resources... this doesn't need to come out of your "pocket book")

    3. On this bridge existing above water bridge I had to make alterations to keep water travel safe. They are as follows.
    a) There were under-hanging blocks. These would cause suffocation damage. These were removed.
    b) There were obvious, but overly large stairs from the water back up to the bridge. Probably in case people fall off. I rearranged these so they take up less space.
    c) There were strange waterway blocking chunks of dirt and cobble descending from the side of the bridge into the water. Depending on if there was already a stairway nearby I either removed, or rearranged these to become obvious stairs. The intent here is to allow people back up onto the bridge, while still allowing boats safe travel. If you are a maintainer of one of these bridges, and have a concern with a decision I made, please contact me before calling it griefing. By no means was my intent to interfere.
    d) Near these bridges, there are numerous underwater "nerd poles" that came all the way to the surface, often making water travel difficult to near impossible. I removed the top layer that blocked water travel. The submerged blocks are still visible (to me).

    4. Along the way I found /documented some seriously ugly aspects i would like to cleanup. However, I believe a conversation with a mod or two is in order first to ensure nobody gets banned for trying to do the right thing. I will start a conversation with mods for guidance. In the mean time, unless you're the occupant of these areas and building pictured below, please don't change them. (If you are, please DO change them. If you need help with stone resources let me know, I have connections and my own personal surplus.)

    Questionable buildings...


    fractured landscapes

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  9. I heard a bit of good news from an outpost member. Somebody else is performing some road repairs. I believe it was near the western outpost. If you're that person, please introduce yourself in this thread. :) I'd like to thank you for helping out!
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  10. West Road at Frontier Centre Outpost :) Whoever you are, kind stranger, you have my thanks!
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  11. UPDATE:
    Due to health issues, this task has been temporarily shelved, for me. If still you want to participate, please do!

    With that said, I did take a moment to look at the bridge today.
    The first thing I noticed was that some of the torches were missing. If this persists I'll rename them all and get every last thief banned, at least temporarily.

    The second thing I noticed was that the "stairs" on other bridges in the area have been improved similarly to how I did some. THANKS GANG! It's good to see others playing nice!

    I also too the time to check on the start of "The Travelers Trail"... something I created a couple months ago, and last used about a week ago.

    In the past week:
    1. Someone has erected a strange green-house near by (densely planted saplings which will never grow because they're too close to each other). Odd but OK, cool. I hope it's not griefed too badly.

    2. The sign naming the trail went missing, and the local land-bridge, in the immediate area, was missing small chunks every so often. I repaired those with materials found in the local area (i.e I had to dig for them) and replaced the sign with one from my inventory. If this persists things will be renamed to catch the griefers/thieves.


    These efforts that I, and others, are doing are for other people's enjoyment. I'm still the "owner" of these efforts, but they really are for public use... not abuse. Destroying land bridges and stealing torches will not benefit you in the long run. It will get you banned. what fun is that? It certainly does harm others in the short run.

    So, please, just play nice and by the rules EMC has established.
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  12. I am not ready to give this project up!
    I cant really at this moment help in any way other than to give material. As in dirt. but i will donate to this event my dirt and perhaps sappling. But i like this idea. I want the frontier cleaned

    So anyone who needs some dirt given for this project contact me ingame or here
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  13. FYI. Here is a link to a set of images I've sent in a griefing report to senior staff (PM already sent) regarding the bridge I raised out of the water.

    I've made fixes already. In short, only other bridges should connect, and there should be torches all the way through... if anyone uses this bridge and sees something amiss, don't hesitate to PM me, or post to this thread. I'm watching this thread so I can keep tabs on stuff. Also, Bitemenow15 will be revamping it in a week or so, so if it looks like it's being rebuilt, it is. Just talk to either of us about your concerns before reporting griefing. thanks!
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  14. Don't forget that all mods can look into this for you. Some time Senior Staff get a bit busy.
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  15. this section has been somewhat resolved but more work will ensue shortly

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  16. Ahh... thanks. I wondered about that. Next time I'll do a mix. :)
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  17. Thanks bite! you rock!
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  18. I dropped some material on your bridge for your project. Are you filling in the monster holes or just covering over them?? Be happy to lend a little help here, wish more ppl would do things like this.
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  19. This is such a good idea! I may come and help and/or do the same to SMP8s frontier
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  20. Mods do not have access to creative mode. :p
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