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  1. If you really want to dispose of a Soulbound item, like those starter torches that you somehow end up with and can't get rid of without spending 5 minutes.. This command could not be any more intentional, so I think it should be added if you want to get rid of a soulbound item.
  2. Place them under water ;) it's fun.
  3. Hmm, I think this is a fair suggestion :)
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  4. I'll take any soulbound items you don't want. Just setup an access chest on your res and them PM me the location :D
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  5. If I time to setup access, I have time to throw it away. But it's way too lengthy of a process.
  6. My point is just that one player's trash is another player's treasure, that's all.
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  7. But if only one player's trash is another player's convenient treasure ;)
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  8. WOTTT! Being able to get rid of that stupid soulbound bread or torches I get from some random DP without making a chest in the middle of the waste? +1
  9. +1 Good Idea
  10. Seems like it'd be useful, I say it's a good idea :)
  11. Just /mail me the soulbound items that you want to dispose of, and I will even repay your /mail fee (stack them if you can to save rupees) :)
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  12. Unless you take hoarders into account.. :p
  13. Yeah I really am getting annoyed with all my promos. I just want to throw them away, but I cant.
  14. Well looks like this is happening :D
  15. It's super easy to get rid of soul bound items! Just do /mail send xharo_Der empire assistant:p
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