[Suggestion] Soulbound Vouchers

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Soulbound Vouchers?

Yes! 13 vote(s) 61.9%
No! 8 vote(s) 38.1%
  1. Hey EMC! I've had this idea floating around my head for a while, so here it goes!

    Soulbound Vouchers that, when kept in your inventory, will soulbind all your items upon death. They would be consumed upon death. It would take up one inventory spot.

    For example: I'm mining with my great tools and armor... but then I get blown up by a creeper. If I have a Soulbound voucher, it will be consumed by SYSTEM and I will keep all my items.

    The price would be 10-20k at /shop and could be a special event item.

  2. I like this! :) +1
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  3. This has been suggested so many times....
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  4. Lol nope, soulbound is way too powerful.
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  5. I agree with volt. Very powerful and for only 10-20k.
  6. If it's added, it needs to cost way more.
  7. Please do point it out for me...
  8. Sorry for the double post, but...
    People rarely carry more than 20k in their inventory... perhaps a full set of armor/tools will go for 25k. They would be consumed... I feel 20k is on the low side, but much more than that it wouldn't get much use.
  9. And im positive this would need to be not allowed in Mob Arena. That would just kill what Mob arena is.
  10. No, of course not. It'd be terrible...
  11. Sorry for voting before reading :oops: I actually quite like this idea, it's interesting.
  12. i carry 40k plus all the time in the wild....and im poor
  13. I like the Idea a few things to keep in mind.

    Is it stackable?

    Will it protect all items? like PvP you need 4 slots for armor. will this still exist?

    will players hoard this such as other promos if it were to be one?

    All of these questions take part in if this would work well or not along with many other questions.
  14. Stackable - Offers no advantage if it is

    Items - Yes. Same as /gamerule

    Hoarders - Does this really matter?
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  15. i never said that hoarders mattered :p i am just giving examples of questions and learning more about the idea.

    Edit: if it wasn't stackable and people were on a LONG trip in the wild they might not have inventory space for armor thus making them lose there armor if they set up bases to spawn via beds and so on.
  16. Let's assume that people will hoard them... because some people do it to everything.
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  17. lol *starts hoarding dirt...* "can I have your dirt?" xD
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  18. Doesn't everybody? :p
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  19. I think the better option is have on better armor because if one creeper can kill you then you aren't very good at this game lol
  20. This isn't even what this thread is about... you cannot tell me that you have never died, and if you do then you are lying. Please stay on topic.
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