[Suggestion] Snow Golems in Town

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  1. We should have snow golems be in town. It would be easier if I didn't have to walk out to the frontier for my snow farm. It was just a thought.
  2. ik but ur res biome would have to not be desert
  3. Well, they aren't hostile mobs....I don't see why not unless your biome is desert. But you can change your biome of your res for 5k SMP and 10k Utopia :D
  4. +1 i think this will be good but it will hurt eonemy but i would want it
  5. Snowballs don't do damage last I checked :) But to stop the golem from going after the mobs, they should have something like a no damage thing. But other than that, +1 for the idea!
  6. I think this is a good idea. I would pay 5k to change my biome so I could have a pet golem.
  7. I would also like to add the ability to craft iron golems just to have cool looking iron golems walking around a res. :D

    Also a few snow golems would really add to a feature on my res which would be pretty cool. I don't even care if they don't drop snow, just having them wonder around would be cool enough for me.
  8. You would have to contain the snow golems so they don't ruin other residences with snow, or the town sidewalks.
  9. Three words: Snow trails everywhere :eek:
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  10. I'm kinda indifferent to the suggestion but about the snow trails: mobs which you spawn on your residence will stay on your residence. It's true that they can walk away for a short while but after doing so they get immediately 'zapped' back to the place they were. So although the golem might leave some trails they wouldn't go 'everywhere'.
  11. What we would need is a golem build flag...
  12. We used to be able to spawn ice golems and iron golems, but they eventually removed it. The snow golem was because they would run around town back then, causing trails and because people made snow farms in town. There are still a few ice golems running around on some people's residents.

    I'm totally for this idea, if there is a way to prevent snow trails on the town roads. I wouldn't appreciate my neighbors letting their golems run free, and half of my road being covered in snow I can't remove (or I'd have to call senior staff to remove for me).
  13. ? don't mobs despawn on the roads of town
  14. no