[suggestion] smp8 demands a fish emoji for use on the forums

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Do you want a fish emoji?

yes 11 vote(s) 50.0%
no 9 vote(s) 40.9%
:eek: I am scared of smp8 2 vote(s) 9.1%
  1. This is a bump for the FISH smilie 🐟 request for the forums

    and what do you mean "was actively the weird server" 🐟 still is. So I take offense at that statement! I challenge you to a salmon duel! 🐟
  2. Y
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  3. i tink we need a custom emoj like old cod and new cod and than with a smp8 theme
    for exsample maraige mainly mirage
    im gona give my future wife cod instead of a ring
    probely gona be the legend that pulls it off
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  4. i chalenge u both to a maragefish contest
    the person wo gets the most wifes wins
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  5. is it just me or is like voting no like
    a interesting choice

    vote yes get small new feature that probely does not take that mutch time to implemend and if u say no u dont have to use it
    vote no get notting but also u dont have to look at that all those fish emoj that are 24 7 spamend on emc forums and discord

    note i am on the yes side
    so am i rigt
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  6. Well, if you wouldn't mind a fish emoji, but don't need it personally, it would still make most sense to vote 'No' in the poll, I think, considering that it says "Do you want a fish emoji?"
  7. A gift for you all
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  8. Here another for these who still have difficulty..

  9. Of course smp8 needs it's own fish emoji and flag! Why you may ask? .. cause it's smp8. o_o Nothing else to needs to be said. =D
    I <3 smp8

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