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  1. Not sure if this is a suggestion or a normal game tweak. The /report command requires a name to complete, that is a little hard to do when you don't have a name. Like for example your wild base was griefed, how do you report someone without a name? "/report wild base griefed, animals killed, house burnt down"... or whatever. This would free people up from searching for staff to start a PM with and it would give staff an action item to track. This assumes that the /report can be linked to where the /report was filed from. Not sure what kind of information is generated with the /report command.
  2. I have tried getting around this by Reporting myself, but then I get a "You can't report yourself, silly!" message.

    The first time I tried doing this there were a couple of people being PITA's in Town Chat. I didn't want to unfairly Report just one but not the other. And really it wasn't something I wanted them in trouble for, I just thought someone with authority needed to insert themselves into the situation and force them to take a break, but there is no way to do that without targeting one or the other.
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  3. For something like wild griefing, its best to just pm mods on the forums, /report for that doesn't help much, as we need to talk to you to get more details, so just use PM.

    For mult-user scenarios, its still better to just report 1 of them, because we don't use filed /report's as evidence, we only take in action actual evidence and then leave notes.

    so if 5 people did wrong and get in trouble, then all 5 would have equal history on their account.
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  4. So we should pick someone in a group to Report and hope that whoever handles it investigates thoroughly rather than just that one person? I hope you understand why I am hesitant to do that.
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  5. So EMC doesn't have a plug in that will record the location of the report and allow you to tp to that location? That kind of sucks... :( I have been griefed many times and I don't like it. Watching people destroy your build right infront of you is horrible. Looking for staff kills you. If we could report, I would hope it would pop up some where for staff to see it in real time, instead of hopping from one server to another trying to find staff to stop the jerks. If EMC did roll backs it wouldn't be as big a deal, after it is all said and done you are left holding the bag and a smashed up build.
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  6. No, what you should do is message staff on the forums; /report is not intended to be used in the way you are wanting.

    Sure we can tp to said location. But there are lots of reports that are literally - "griefing". We need much more information than that. When (what time frame) did this happen; what happened - generally we do not know what the area looked like before being griefed. And any other information that could potentially lead us to the perpetrator.
    Finally, I hope you understand why we do not do roll-backs...
  7. Don't mean to question you guys but when a group of people are being "PITA"s in chat or something, I assume the best way to do it is to do the simple command and report them rather than take 5 minutes to message a staff member on the forums.
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  8. When in doubt... use /ignore :3
  9. For something like this, you would have the names. This thread is referencing reports (like anonymous griefing) where you have no idea who did it. You just know it happened.
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  10. As much detail as possible, when (time frame since you where there last and everything was fine) coordinates x,y,z what type of blocks where damaged and what world. This is the kind of info we need.
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  11. Yes, and what for the name? Or do you mean via paper macaroon? Er, I mean, private conversation?
  12. private convo

    It likely won't all fit in a /report
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  13. /report is intended for very small things that happen for the most part in chat. For anything else (hacking, griefing, verbal harassment et cetera...) you should message a moderator or community manager on the forums.
  14. ok, back on topic... So yes or no to making /report work without a name? To back up /report you should have screen shots anyways.
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  15. Maybe we can remove the report delay for veteran players, and that would help let you report groups.

    As for the general idea of no name reports... Still iffy. Our point on needing to have more information is still there.

    Reporting yourself even for general things is still bad.
    Maybe we need a more general /requesthelp system that could be used for anything you need staff assistance for OUTSIDE of specific players breaking rules.

    As /report puts a flag in history, and rather not fill them up with reports on yourself....
  16. Well, here are a couple thoughts I had.
    I don't know if you are aware of the /staff command, but type in /staff and you will immediately the staff online and which smp we are connected to! This way, there is no needing to log into each smp to find us.

    If multiple people are disobeying rules in chat, go ahead and report them. If they get really bad, remember you can do a /ignore [player] so you no longer see their chat. (it is indeed tough for veteran players to just /ignore, because it seems like most care and watch what goes on in chat... I have been there before)
    If you believe that it is borderline 'reportable' and that staff can prevent things getting out of hand with an appearance, do /staff and get one of us.
    I have players come to me often, and let me know when town chat gets out of hand.
    For some reason, it usually quiets down when I show up, however I always review the situation and have a chat with players when need be.

    Back on topic,
    For more 'emergency' type situations, such as if griefing is happening in front of you, take screenshots (so you have their names, also hold tab and screenshot the 'player list' it brings up if you cannot see player tags).
    Type in /staff and /msg us when in immediate need.
    Let that staff member know that the griefing is happening at that moment.
    Be aware, that we may be involved helping another at that time, so let them know the importance of the situation and allow the staff member gauge their workload. Staff does talk to each other, so if we cannot help you at that exact moment, we can ask other staff members if they are free to help.

    If you find your build has already been griefed, leave the damage as it is (can't get any worse, right?) and find us in game. Stick around so we may ask you questions while we investigate. Having the ability to chat with a player who got griefed is tremendously helpful, as additional information is most often required.

    If those options fail, start a convo in the forums with any or all moderators.
    As a player, it helps to note which moderators are usually on while you play, so you can shoot off a directed private convo towards us :).

    Hope this helps!
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  17. My issue is usually me logging into my base and finding it all busted up, hence why I am asking about report without a name. Of course I would add server, X,Y,Z cords and what the damage is; because I want the person who did it gone so they can't do it to someone else. My biggest concern is the repeat trip to do more damage and steal more stuff. But once wild protection is added we will be all set.

    No one wants to spend 5 mins filling out a report, it should be this easy: /report grief, smp5 wild, x:5000, y:17, z:-22500, block damage and theft. Done, I would hope my name would be attached to the report. Since I am not staff here I don't know what the report looks like on the screen.