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  1. This probably has been suggested before but why isn't there a ignore option on the site? I know its in the newer version of XenForo but is it in this current version as well? Call me a debbie downer but there are at least 30 people I never want to hear from again on this server and I need to extend that level of their ignore from my in game list to the forums. I plan to add more soon too. . .
  2. I agree with this completely.
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  3. They would have to disable it from auctions, but other then that I like the idea.
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  4. Well yeah, Auctions it would have to be enabled but there are so many people on here that are so fake to me. I just don't want to deal with them any longer. They can go find new friends to toy around with.
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  5. I agree there are just some posts that just hurt to look at. (Even just the title) I would want this feature included
  6. I do not think this should be added. This will just lead to frustration and negative feelings. If someone posts a question, and an ignored player answers, then the person will never have their question answered, and will feel like the ignored one. Others won't bother with the question because they will see that it already has an answer.

    This would also lead to isolation of members and also subgroups. Certain members would be ignored immediately (I can't think of any active player who currently would fit this, but there are several banned members who would have), and this would only drive them out of EMC. EMC is a community, and communities accept people whether they are annoying or not. You can't just turn off your neighbors in real life, so it shouldn't happen here. If a player is playing a very bad role in community development, they will likely get warned by staff and/or banned from the site. No need to ignore them.

    If a player is just having a bad few months due to forces outside of their control, why throw all their chances away? Skydragonv8 was a jerk for a long time, and he is trying to redeem himself now. If he were to be ignored completely, we could have lost a potentially great member. roblikescake, crazy1800, Green_Mystery, Soulpunisher, etc, they all had their moments when people were upset at them or where they made a pretty big goof. But they turned around and proved that they are great community members. If an ignore function were to be added, so many people would lose the chances that they deserve.

    DemonThunder345 was incredibly annoying when he first joined the forums, class A noob, to the point where I wish I could have ignored him. But then he forum-matured and contributed greatly to almost all aspects and threads. He was not the first to do this, and will not be the last. This is common behavior for young/new-to-forums members. They need time and guidance to get acquainted with how things work.

    Overall, what I am trying to say is that from the community aspect, this can only deconstruct what we have here. I just can't see how any good could come from this. If it gets to the point where someone has so many negative feelings towards other members, then I feel that they need work on their problems, not EMC work on helping them avoid them. Of course, that is easier said than done. But it is possible, and the only way to get a true feeling of internal peace is to work on the source of the issue.
  7. I like it.
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  8. Thats a nice dandy ol' speech there but people tell me that Im not kindest of people out there. I just want to ignore these people and give no more chances out. Sure they can fix their image with other players but I sure am not fooled by second chances. Some players have used and abused me on this server for far too long. I don't want to deal with them any longer. I would certainly report but this is too great of a server to get banned from so I just ignore them. The site is a loophole around that ignore feature. I need them to be completely gone from my view. That includes, their posts, their Site PM's to me, anything that is from them of any sort. This includes statuses.
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  9. I'm starting to dislike some players for being or acting over expressive...I will use this... +1
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  10. If they are being jerks, then they don't deserve to be here, no matter how great the server is. Take it up with Krysyy or Max, they have been very helpful in situations where I have had huge problems with other players, and other players have had huge problems with me. It is often just misunderstanding or miscommunication. If it is not that, then they don't deserve to be here anymore.
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  11. I don't think you're understanding what Im saying. Im not going take my crap with other players and involve staff who had nothing to do with it in the first place. I think it would be easier for me and MANY others to just block them entirely by Site as well so Staff don't have to be flooded with disputes between players. I don't like to have to involve higher authority when its probably the last thing they want to see at the end of their day. I just want to handle things myself and simply block communications from that person and be done. No having to bother 10 staff, no having to be annoyed by that player, everything goes silently and smoothly.
  12. But sometimes what they are doing is within the guidelines, but is annoying (or some other reasons) and doesn't need to be made a big deal out of but would be nice to not see.
  13. I get what you are saying. I have from the beginning. You would rather ignore your problems instead of fixing them. The staff are here to make EMC flow smoothly, whether that be with banning troublemakers or helping people get along. If they didn't want to help people out, they would not take up a position that requires them to.

    This is straight from chicken, when was he just a regular mod:

    If they continue to purposely bother you, they are violating the rules and should and need to be dealt with by staff. None of this "I will take matters into my own hands", we are not an anarchy here. We deal with things like civil people here. You can't erase people in real life, and you shouldn't be able to here.

    I do not want to come off as blunt, but the problem has nothing to do with EMC's structure. So the solution shouldn't either.
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    lol jk i know what you mean and K
  15. :p
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  16. I agree jk, nice wording too;)
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  17. 1 thing though:

    If you view a thread for example ... there are 5 posts: but mr yellow has mr green ignored...

    Elite: whoever says blue first gets 20k...
    Mr Green: blue first...
    Mr Yellow: blue :)
    Elite: Congratz Mr Green - you won 20k :)
    Mr Yellow: Wha!? I'm only one that posted D:

    Mr yellow didn't see mr green's text - and might of gotten confused... it may become problematic trying to keep up with conversations of the general public if you can't see the full amount of posts.
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  18. I can completely agree with you on these issue, however like jkjkjk and others stated, there are too many variables to have the ignore feature implemented. Auctions, post to get rupees threads, and etc. would be a huge issue.
    If there are members on the server that are constantly bothering you, as other states, BRING IT TO STAFF! The staff are your friends. They want to help you. There is no reason to have the motive of "I will handle it myself" when there are players that are ignoring the rules. Seriously, staff want to help you. :)

    So back on topic, if these feature was added, multiple variables would have to be fixed and worked. One idea is if you ignore a member, if they post there could be a button that shows, "you have this player ignored, Open Message?" It would fix many issues. If a member wants to post on your profile, there can be a button to see his message and allow it and if is against rules and easy report to staff button. This feature could most definitely be added if these things can be implemented along with it.
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  19. or you could just act like you would have to in real life and coexist. protip kids: noone likes everyone, someone likes noone, and everyone dislikes someone. thats called human interaction

  20. The beauty of the internet is that you have tools to help be antisocial :3