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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by synth_apparition, Oct 12, 2012.

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  1. I want a site ignore list. Some kid (you know who you are) is seriously getting me frustrated at his terrible grammar and punctuation, even his spelling is bad and he thinks he knows it all. It would help everybody if there was a site ignore list, to ignore users who frustrate you.

    I may have to edit the OP. I made this thread in 2 mins, I have no time at the moment. I took a sleeping tablet and i'm dozing off.
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  2. :eek:it mee int it liek? :p
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  3. Good idea. But physically impossible to make it work.
  4. im reporting you and make shure your banned i told you that my keyboard is messed up i know how to spell and you hunt me down on threads and bug me about my grammer
  5. I'm sorry, but why?
  6. Dude he didn't mention names and there is no way you can make sure he is banned.

    I wish you could ignore people as well.
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  7. Oh, that is amazing lol. :D
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  8. and its bullieing when you go this far soulpunisher
  9. Irony at it's finest
  10. i know its me because hes been bugging me for 3 months about it and yes i would like it to
  11. If you plan to do that for all his posts, you're going to be busy :)
  12. Can't tell if trolling or just being a Grammar Nazi
  13. Look, there are SEVERAL people on here who type like they just smash their face into the keyboard. You aren't the only one. He could have been talking about someone else but you just assume it is you.
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  14. i don't mind when people come on and say "ooo lol youz have bad grammar!!! !"
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  15. Kevin, Everything that they've said on this thread has been truthful you're grammar is atrocious. Soul was also nice enough not to name, but you have to come and ruin it all.

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  16. you're = your?

    Also I think that to at the end should be too for also :)
  17. Sorry everyone, but I have to close this down. It came off on a VERY bad start and wasn't getting any better. If you have a problem with a certain member of the community - I recommend you just deal with it. If the issue is deeper (such as they are bugging you in PMs, in-game, etc.) ask them nicely to stop. and if that doesn't work. Go to the staff with it. There is no reason to fight about it.
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