[Suggestion] Shorter derelict for new players

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Should this be implemented?

Yes 15 vote(s) 71.4%
No 6 vote(s) 28.6%
  1. This is happening on SMP3 right now. All of the new players come on, claim a residence and then build a dirt hut and leave never to be seen again. Why should other new players or other players have to wait 30 days to have the res put on derelict to claim it when the person never built anything and has been gone for 15 days?
    My idea could change this. If the new player claimed a residence but hasn't been on for 15 or so days, then they probably aren't coming back anytime soon. New supporters wouldn't have to wait as long and new players could come in and actually have a residence.
    What do you guys think about this?

    TL;DR Shorten the Derelict times for new players
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  2. Something like this would be good - I am pretty sure new members can forceclaim any derelict residence for free - which is helpful but this would make it even easier :)
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  3. Actually, this sounds good to me.
    Maybe something similar to
    If player age is x < or = 7 days then derelict time is 15 days.
    Or if something like:
    if player age is x < or = 7 days and have not logged on since first login, derelict time is 15 days.
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  4. I was thinking more like to begin 15 day derelict and then after 15 days it becomes normal 30 days. You're idea is still very good.
  5. not a good idea, just because someone is labeled a 'new player' and hasn't been on in 16 days doesn't mean they wont come back.. maybe some kids can't play on weekdays, and they only get computer time every other week? perhaps something happened to their internet, or their computer?
    new players shouldn't be treated any different that players like myself who've been here for 2 years.
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  6. Very few people are like that. Most likely 90% of the people that join aren't going to stay for more than an hour anyway.
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  7. Smp3 now has no open residents, and people keep on coming, and doesnt look like it will stop...
  8. So let me get this straight...

    Everyone wanted to cry that derelict was 10 days.
    Staff changed to 15 days a few months ago.
    Crying begins.
    Staff THEN decide to change it to 30.
    NOW everyone is crying again saying that 30 is too long...
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  9. Sounds right, of course this could be temp. fixed by making another smp other than 3 the recommended server.
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  10. lets do 17! Great point pandas:D
  11. so i would normally be in favor of this, but if the player is 7 or less days old, you still wouldn't be able to claim it because they have to be older than 15 days to forceclaim.

    could you explain this better pls lol i dont understand xD
  12. I too have been on for over 2 years and I completely agree with you that they shouldn't be treated differently, and they aren't . But this isn't to differentiate between new and veteran players on the server, it is to allow more flow for people to claim residences that actually want to play and have fun on said server. What is the point of a recommended server for new "Empire Minecraftians" if they can't actually have a residence and populate the server. Maybe a certain time on the server or something to show that they really want to be part of the server and not leave. The reason I made this suggestion is because the res next to mine was 29 days inactive and almost all the res's near mine were near the derelict stage.

    1. No one is "crying"
    2. Near zero derelict residences on SMP3
    I am not complaining about 30 days being too long, but when people join, claim a residence, and then leave, this clogs up the ability for players that actually want to play and have a residence on the server for 30 days. I don't remember when they changed it from 30 to 15 back to 30, just 10 days which it was forever then 15 then 30.
  13. I think after first login it should initiate a counter, so if they log in again at least once or twice more after they join then the derelict should change to normal, else if they don't the derelict stays lower ...

    I like this - because some people just join once and if they don't like the server, they never log in again, but if they have claimed a residence then leave after first login it's harder for people that actually stay on the server after just one join to claim reses if new players that don't do anything stay on the plot list longer.

    Well old logins used to be 10 days long anyways, not 30 - so it's still longer than normal if you think about it.
  14. Like... once they've spent 7 days playing on the server, the derelict counter goes to 30. :p
    Before it would be 15 >_<
  15. I don't quite understand why you quoted eklektoi's and my post about it being 10 days. The quote with Aikar about it running every hour is good, but when all the res's are full with 10+ days on derelict that does nothing at all. It's the amount of time that the players are away for and just take up space.
    It's like having a bedroom for a roommate but that roommate only sleeps there once every two months and leaves his room like a mess. You really want to have an active roommate, but the current roommate "really" needs this place for the one day he comes here and leaves the next day.
    There is no point that you should have to wait 30 days for an open residence when the person has little to nothing on it and new players come online to claim a res only to be disappointed. The whole point of a suggested server is so that there are an abundance of players on it. It clogs up the system of recommended servers. The other thread is not focused on lowering the time, however this one is. And this issue needs to be addressed.
  16. Sorry, but no.

    I don't see any good reason behind this, those players are just as much entitled to that res as anyone else. How often they use it (within 30 days) and what they build on it should be none of your concern. They should be allowed to build on it safe in the knowledge that it's safe for 30 days, same as everyone else. At the time of me writing this, there are 6 open res's, and if they ever get full just encourage them to go to other servers, they need some love too you know.

    What is the honestly the point of encouraging new players if you just try to get rid of them quicker?
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  17. Because in my original post I said it was 30 days, I fixed it to 10 after the two of you posted the correct number. Every time derelict is brought up to staff, they say the same thing. "Server will delete them as we get to them" and they've even added the /res forceclaim to allow people for 5K to force claim a derelict residence, because people kept having to ask them to unclaim a res for them to claim.
  18. I know they are allowed to build what they want to and are entitled to their residence but the number of these players that just come on, claim a res, and leave is too high. I have seen multiple residences where the owner claimed it and then still 30 days later they have not come online. This clogs up the system and stops another new player that might actually stay awhile to play on the recommended server. The idea could use tweaks or something completely different suggested. If you try to go on smp3 right now and do /v open, you will see that there are no open residences. The 6 open residences must be the 120x120 res's that have nothing on them. It is not to try and get rid of the players but to keep room open for the players that actually play on the servers.
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  19. needs improving but sounds pretty good
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