[SUGGESTION]More Plots on SMP3 or Lower Plot Loss Days

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  1. This is just a suggestion, so please don't go flipping out in the comments about how "People can just get on another empire server!" or "Why do we need more plots!? We have enough!". Its just a suggestion.
    I think we should get more plots on SMP3 (If it's possible) because all the plots are actually full. My friend joined back today and he didn't have a plot to claim.
    I say that we either lower the plot loss days from 30 to like 15 or make more plots. Just a suggestion. :)
  2. More plots will not happen, but you are able to force claim derelict residences for 5k. I'm sure there are at least a few derelicts on smp3. Now something like a derelict list or a special color on the dynmap for derelict residences might work. The current derelict policy of 30 days was just recently added so i don't see that going back down.
  3. I have heard that new players can force-claim a residence for free. Maybe they can add /v derelict or something of the sort.
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  4. We now have a /forceclaim option for 5K on derelict plots. Find one next to yours and have him claim it.
  5. Like you stated, your friend can go on another server.

    AND tell your friend about /res forceclaim #####
  6. You should not have tell a friend to go to another server to play after inviting him to join. Especially when there are plenty of derelict plots. We can't expect a new player to cough up 5k on his first day either. The server either needs to reclaim derelict plots faster or the /forceclaim price should be reduced for the players without residences if not for everyone.
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  7. I have an idea, maybe new players get 1 free force claim. This way, new players wouldn't have to 'save up' to get a plot close to a friend but they wouldn't be able to abuse the system as it will only allow them to do it once. Maybe even add a time limit (e.g. 30 days) to the free force claim.
  8. Hm.
    No, I think right now plots are not the issue.
    But I don't to repeat what's already been said so... o3o
  9. Now that I've thought about it a bit more, I think having the system clear them out faster would be better. Aikar has said before that he can have the Server do it more often.

    It hasn't been too long since we had our last "All these new people are annoying" threads so the simpler it can be made the better I think. It is hard enough sometimes just to help a new person find and claim an empty plot. Adding helping to look for a derelict plot when there is no command for it then forceclaiming it even if it is free could add too much frustration for them and the people who are(or are not) helping them.
  10. Well, there is a plot close by and it says this player has been banned when I try to walk on the plot. Whats up with that?
  11. You can get a mod to fix that :)
  12. Inch onto the residence to see what the number is through /res info. Then, just type /res forceclaim ####

    In regards to new players not having enough money, send them through the tutorial and have them register on the site. Then go vote. Easy money.
  13. Yeah but that money is supposed to go toward building their first residence and getting tools they need; shouldn't a plot by your friend be a given? I'm in favor of new players being able to forceclaim for free.
  14. Did it already.

    Derelict runs every hour, so you only have to wait at most 1 hour if the server runs out of residences, until the server is COMPLETELY full...
  15. FYI I am the friend I am not new but on the ban player plot I have done the inching into it and it doesn work so if you tell me to inch into it again I am gonna slap you about 100 told me to do that and It doesn't work I just want a plot so no need to flip out because there are 9 other servers I want a plot on smp3 not on any other
  16. i joined on this alt (bro_im_infinite) today and i still had to pay 5,000 for my res
  17. Cant you just find the plot you want on the Live map click it and get the number from there......
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