[Suggestion] Shift-Click Villagers to Make Public

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  1. Hello, everyone! I've thought up this idea, and I want to share it with you all :D

    Basically, I wish to make some villagers on my residence public, but others not. And if I put /res set villager t, then all the villagers on my residence are open to the public for all to use. Sure, I could put them on another residence, but since my storage and my public villagers (hopefully soon to open to public) are both on my first residence, that means that I have to leave villagers marked as t. So, I came up with this solution for staff to maybe implement into the Empire.

    What I think is that you can shift-click any villager with a bone or something, and then that villager is a public villager. This means that anybody can use the villager. It's like an access sign, but for a mob with an AI. To undo this, simply shift-click it again and it will undo.

    An alternative for this could be a command. The command could be:
    /pvillager to toggle the publicity of the villager. Then, the villager closest to where you are standing is public. But you must have admin permissions on that residence to set the villager to public/non-public.

    Do you think that this is a reasonable suggestion? Also, if you have anything to add to this, I could edit it in.
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  2. +1 Sounds good to me, I'd like to make some of mine public too. :p
  3. Have you tried using an access sign? I think it is possible to put an access sign somewhere that will work for a a villager.
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  4. Unless something has changed, it is not possible to use an access sign. I tried this a couple months ago and could not get anything to work.
  5. I've tried a couple times and it didn't work. Perhaps that was removed in a past update?
  6. Just lock the villagers you want not public in a room only you can access.
    Thats what I do.
  7. +1 This would be helpful
  8. Worked for me ;)
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  9. Animal cruelty in reverse
    But wow I didn't know that was a thing thanks for thinking ahead you EMC Devs
  10. Oh wow. Hmm.
    I will take that into consideration, cool!
  11. It would be easier but couldnt you just do /res set and look for the flag? Hey, im just saying, but overall +1