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Do you want this?

Yes 2 vote(s) 16.7%
Yes, but with changes (post the changes you would add to this thread) 1 vote(s) 8.3%
No 9 vote(s) 75.0%
  1. I have been studying for state testing for my World History class and just realized that democracy in the ancient world is going to be on my test. So I started studying and I came to the part where Rome gave it's citizens representation, no matter their wealth. I think that something like this could be used on EMC.

    The representatives that this would use would represent each server. There would be 2 parts of this. One would be based on how many players are usually on at once, such as smp1 and smp9 would have more representatives in this part than say smp6. The second group would have a total of 5 representatives, no matter how many players are usually on in EMC. These 2 groups would represent the community as a whole and voice their opinions. If the staff put something in the server that nearly all of EMC's players didn't like, the representatives would go to the staff and say that the new thing shouldn't be in the server. Also, the representatives would get ideas that the players would like to see in the server and present them to the staff so that they can review it immediately, instead of just putting posts in the suggestion box that get only 30 views and no one replies to.

    Yes, this would take some time to start and to figure out. However, I think that the only way for EMC to run 100% efficiently is to have the voice of the people heard, and that would be through representation.
  2. I actually think that there could be changes. Nothing is perfect. Not even a great idea is perfect.
  3. Using representatives in my opinion wouldn't be fair. If one person is majority vote chosen, but I didn't like him/her - I wouldn't want that person to make all the choices that would affect my gameplay and minority right.

    If we are going to have votes on what goes on, I think it would only be fair if Active Players, Well-Known Players, staff and players who played on the server with a time over say 50 days (not days old, but played) minus the perma-banned players were the ones who would get to votes, and then the votes would be tallied into a majority vote.

    - However, the setup of how things are voted right now seems fine and doesn't really need changed, in my opinion.

    If you want to suggest something - post it like you did with this thread right now, and we'll have people see what they think on the topic.

    If Aikar, Justin, ICC, or Max says the suggestion should be added to emc, or will be added , or that it will be looked into... then the Tracker Team will add it to the EMC Tracker - and we will have it implemented on EMC.

    For This Thread, I Vote 'Maybe' .... Some suggestions 'should' require and 'have' required votes before... so there is always a possibility.
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  4. They wouldn't be making the choices. They would have to ask random people about what they think. They also would not be a representative forever, only for about 3 months

  5. Every time this is brought up, it's told no. No matter whether it is in a wild community or for servers. Roblikescake tried to make something like this and I think it pretty much failed before it even got off the ground and caused a ton of drama and he eventually was banned. I don't want to live on a server where some 13 year old kid is making decisions for me. I like the way things are, people just need to accept the fact that the mods make decisions, ask the community and then alter those decisions based on feedback. It's worked for vault, worked for the ban stance, worked for the shop, worked for the stupidly unnecessary amount of res flags we have.

    Sorry if I seem blunt and hateful, I am having a bad night.
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  6. I don't see the point of this post, everything that changes on EMC is based on feed back from players on all servers.
    ppl wanted protection in the wild at there bases for several reasons, admin have responded by looking at how this can be achieved and at the same time add a challenge and some fun at the same time.

    Hence dragon tomb's!! and yes like everyone else we all thought it would have been here several months ago. However 1.3 bugs caused a bunch of problems, and the only way to solve them was to re-write a lot of the existing programming.
    It took Aikar away from the the dragon tomb programming, hence delayed, but not forgotten!!!

    There are something's that will not change though, Admin will always make the final choice but it will be based on what they see is the best solution's for EMC.

    Regardless of what personal view anyone has regarding this. If anyone feels dissatisfied in anyway with how EMC is run they can always pm staff with their grievances.
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  7. Representation for a community is only really essential if the vast majority of the community doesn't have the avenues and opportunity to have their voice be heard.
    EMC allows members to directly discuss and engage with administration in forums, which negates the need for community representation.

    If we look at the true definition of the word forum, we are all already basically representatives of the community, so we don't need someone in an intermediary position to act as our proxy. :)

    1)a - The public square or marketplace of an ancient Roman city that was the assembly place for judicial activity and public business.
    b - A public meeting place for open discussion.
    c - A medium for open discussion or voicing of ideas, such as a newspaper, a radio or television program, or a website.
    2) A public meeting or presentation involving a discussion usually among experts and often including audience participation.
    3) A court of law; a tribunal.
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  8. I really don't think having 'representatives' from every server is the right move for EMC. Not saying that I don't respect your idea. it's just that in EMC's community everyone is an equal, everyone's opinion should be heard and not manipulated by one player at a meeting...
  9. The staff do a good job picking features. Aikars shop system was rejected by the community and no representatives were needed.
  10. some of the more populated servers it would just be a popularity contest too, not necessarily the best for the job. staff do fine and we can just pm em if we have real problems (or rant in supporter chat till they go off to do better things :p )
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  11. If you were representative, would you listen to 100 people or your best friend?
  12. This already exists, they are called moderators :p
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  13. Neither would I, but like i said before
    Three months would seem like an eternity, but it really isn't. And you never know. That person may be a great leader who's potential is unknown. But, like I said, they would only be a rep. for about 3 months. They would be able to run
    again, but they would not be able to be a representative more than twice.

    No matter what, I would listen to the 100 people. I may trust my best friend, but I would listen to the larger group of people, who make up the community, instead of just 1 person
  14. But I don't think everyone would...
  15. Clicking no is too mainstreamed!!!!!! So YES!