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Server Info Command:

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  1. So I thought this one up and I think it can be useful. Basically, put all basic server information in one simple command.
    • /serverinfo - Gives basic information and statistics about a server.
      • Shortcut: /sinfo
    Issuing this command would give the following information:

    Its primary purpose is to be a shortcut command to a few different ones, but would not replace the current commands:
    • /who - Online Players
    • /staff - Online Staff
    • /tps - TPS from last 1m, 5m, 15m
    • /ping - Your ping is:
    • /map - Live Map:
    You could probably throw a few others in there, so if you have any suggestions for additions please let me know. Opinions?

  2. I like it! Next to the staff members' usernames should be the SMP in which that staff member is on, though. +1
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  3. I would think that the staff would be on the smp you typed in. +1
  4. That wouldnt really be helpful then, as you can easily press tab to do that...
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  5. I almost missed that edit. As said above, it'd just be for for one server.
    And /who counts the names, and you can find out your ping with /ping. This just puts a bunch of info into one simple command rather than many. It's not needed, it's convenient. ;)
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  6. If you are on smp6, you can't really use tab to look at the staff on 3. /sinfo 3 would
  7. All hail PenguinDJ, king of good suggestion! +1
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  8. +1 for Penguin erm.. the suggestion.
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  9. I don't really see a purpose for TPS and ping for different server info wise.
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  10. I didn't even think about being able to do /serverinfo [#] when I wrote the suggestion, but I agree the info would only be useful on the server you're on.
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  11. Oh, whoops for me assuming. You know what they say when you assume. ;)
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  12. 1+
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  13. That would be very useful.
    I do see a purpose for tps, but I don't think ping would even be possible for different servers because you need to be connected to that server to ping it (correct me if I am wrong Aikar ;) )
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  14. I believe all servers are at one place, making it no virtual ping difference. Then again, I am only certified in Microsoft word. :p
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  15. +1
    It would a lot easier than doing "/staff", then "/tps", then "/ping", then "/map"

    In Minecraft, You Don't Ping Server, Server Pings You.
    Quite literally to be honest.
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  16. Bump
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  17. Yes finally something that I would like

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