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  1. I will start with the story. Once upon a time I was playing on smp3 peacefully. Than Aikar announced the location for the Drop Party. While he was getting ready he

    When I was mining, lots of people joined smp3 and I lagged a lot. Now I think Aikar should get a new server just for Events, Drop Parties, Dragon Tombs, etc... Lag isn't the only reason. When people are out in the wild, they heard of a fun event. Now they can't get to that event because they can't /v mobarenaorsomething. I think that Aikar should add /server fun. There will be no plots/frontiner/etc... In the server. Only events.
  2. this is the reason they hold events on every server
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  3. I think it's not a too bad of a idea, but it'd be a bit expensive to buy a extra server for this. What we should do is use the same server as for example smp3/4 use, two servers which atm have the least amount of people.
  4. This and this is also why the "Empires" are coming out sooner or later. You must always have a way to come to and from your base. Aikar/IcecreamCow does their best to go on different servers and have tons of fun.
  5. Well, Aikar DID just spend one thousand dollars on advertising recently, maybe more.. I don't think money is that much of a problem for this.

    However, I was thinking about this yesterday when the EMC games' opening ceremony was going on, and if events are held on the normal EMC servers, that would mean more players would attend. And if more players attend, then the players would tell their friends about how much fun they had doing an event or so. I know for a fact that a lot of players don't know how to do /server, and a lot also don't check the forums. So if we got a game server, then a lot of players wouldn't attend events, and such.
  6. I personally like the /server fun option - it would help reduce lag and also let everyone port directly there no matter where they are at.

    As for folks not knowing the /server command just put that in the announcement so it looks like this:

    Zombie area in 20 minutes do /server fun to come and join in with us

    If they read the announcement they see how to get there - not hard at all.
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  7. the point is events on the servers brings people to servers they wouldnt normally go to. thats why it shifts around. this would kill servers like 3,4, and 7 there is going to be a minigame server eventually but there will also be events on servers. its real easy to get to town just die and if you live in wild on servers like 5 then expect to die frequently to get to town
  8. bitemenow15 said: -snip-

    That's a good point but I think big events like Aikar's DP should be hosted there. The COWCANVAS by ICC and stuff like that should stay there
  9. As long as its not on smp2 I can get there via /server command, and like you say since most are on other servers its not a big issue but I still like the idea of a dedicated server for these events.
  10. I really don't think 4 would die because of this :p don't know about the others.

    That's not really convenient, living in the wild you usually wanna set up a bed. Just in case. "Wherever I lay my had is home..." ;)
  11. this thread is talking about getting back to town not your outpost :p thats your own problem if it isnt easy to get to. but it will be easier with land claiming :pPP
  12. Yes, that is clear from the thread. For the case a gang of creepers decides to steal your life, you should have set up a bed at your >>outpost<< so you are able to retrieve your items quickly. That also means if you kill yourself you'll respawn at the outpost and not in town. Hence suicide is not a convenient way to travel from outpost to town.
    If you don't need a bed at your outpost, problem solved, but I wouldn't recommend that.