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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by tcherkrick, Aug 7, 2013.

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  1. I really think this would really activate the economy on the servers and may be really helpful to get more players and a more active community. :)
  2. Which market? The EMC shop?
  3. I don't see how this would work. If anything it would hurt the economy, people could sell infinite items to these shops. (Because if it is not infinite it will always be full because no one buys there. Also, instead of putting items into circulation it juse takes/keeps them out of it. No one would use It because it wouldn't be worth the tiny amount the shop would give or everyone would abuse it using items like paper which are super easy to farm. Please explain how this would "activate the economy" and "bring new players"
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  4. this would get widely overused because of farms.
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  5. This probably won't be added as the EMC Shop prices are WAY overpriced - selling to it would certainly disrupt the economy.
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  6. On the rare chance that they do add this, the amounts you sell for will be extremely small. The shop sells diamonds for 100r, and will probably buy for around 15.
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  7. Overall, this would Not be good on a survival server because all items sold to /shop would be deleted and not reused by anyone.
    It's kind of like if someone pays you to go collect resources from the wild or farming and then throw them into lava.
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  8. yes, the shop
    i always make that mistake xD

    i'm aware of what are you saying, and as far as i can see, the servers in which there's a sell option in the market tend to reduce the sell price or even remove those highly farmable items in the market. but anyway it would give players an oportunnity to get more building materials and there would be more constructions in the world. Plus it would not interfere too much with the player owned stores because obviusly the empire shop should be less convenient than the player owned stores. And about the player attractive part, maybe it could prevent new players from giving up on starting from scratch. I personally think that this could atract more players to the servers.

    oh sorry for repeating then :S

    i actually gave the thread a quick read before i posted but i must have missed this on the list, because i wouldn't have posted this haha xD

    now i know this has been suggested before and now i know the answer
    this thread can be closed now :)
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