{Suggestion} Safe Item Frames

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  1. Recently I had a disappointing issue with item frames, While taking a cupid bow out of the frame it pinged off to a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, I couldn't find it anywhere.

    So, I'd like to suggest changing the way item frames work on EMC. Instead of having the item drop, or rather fling off somewhere, have items taken from item frames travel directly to the players inventory. So you left click, and the item is instantly in your inventory.
  2. It glitched through the wall.
  3. If this would be possible it would surely help. Its because of this why I dislike both paintings and item frames so much. The moment you take 'm down there's no telling where your items run off too.

    At one time, I'm not kidding, I took down the emerald shop sign in my shop (now that villagers became a lot harder I'm going to re-organize until I figured out how to breed them). This included 1 emerald I in the item frame. Well... Just like you I took it out and it was no where to be found. Eventually I decided to look outside of my house and what do you know? It flipped right through the wall and was actually lying outside!

    So yeah, when possible it would greatly help.
  4. So item frames are dangerous? :p

    +1 Really needed in EMC :)
  5. +1

    I feel the need to set move to false when I am taking down items from item frames.
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  6. +Stew
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  7. +Doggie This feature would be very helpful.
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  8. We actually had it this way when they were first added due to bugs. But I agree it would be nicer. That's not something people will really 'desire' vanilla behavior on.
  9. This was the issue I mentioned before the update. There's a chance your item was/is around somewhere just floating on the ground. From my experience the item always seem to go to the highest point on ground level if underground.
  10. Let us not forget about paintings.
  11. We really need this back again. I've almost lost many items at my Museum because of this, and I did in fact lose an item one time. That item happened to be the White Point Star. Had to get lots of people to search around but it never turned up, luckily Staff were around and could confirm that it was definitely gone and I could have it replaced, but to prevent things like this, we really need to implement this idea again.

    Mega +Fendy.
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  12. I have had the same experience. I would love it if this could be fixed.