[Suggestion] Revert /p to its regular appearance

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What do you think about this suggestion?

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  1. The new layout is hard to look at and it hurts my brain. Many of the lines seem to have been switched:

    This was the old layout:

    EDIT: It will be fixed tonight! 10/26/2015
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  2. It really does hurt my head... I love the old one not the new one it isn't so appealing like the old one.
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  3. The only thing I see that needs changing is the "First Empire Sign-In" should be on the 2nd line, and the last seen/online status should be on the last.
  4. And group got moved down, voting is moved up. Basically everything is shuffled.

    I really do want the old one back. Maybe a /ps?
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  5. It is interesting that you compared an online player vs. offline. As those have never displayed the same...
  6. There was no difference before... here is a screenshot I took before of a player's info offline (ignore the red box)...

    compare it to the online version before...

    Remember that I have a huge database of screenshots, also. :p
  7. I think the more important thing to realize is that change is a part of every day life. It's the only constant really. Asking for an alternative to something like this is a tad overkill.

    Sure it may bug you now, but the new layout will be the 'norm' soon enough. You just have to be willing to let go of the old and embrace the new. There are many times that the Empire has changed things like this and it's just retraining your mind to get rid of your muscle memory that makes you instinctively look in a certain place.

    It happens all the time at work with controlled document changes.
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  8. But why? Nothing was wrong with the old one; I've yet to see a single person complain about it. It's been like that since it was released 3+ years ago, I just don't understand why it was changed. To me it seems like more of a "because we can".
  9. I agree. I also think the change was a mistake... there was no point in changing the layout.
  10. That's impossible since we've added voting since then. I do not know the reason for the change, however I am responding as an outsider to the changes. I'm sure Aikar/devs have a reason for it.
  11. I actually like the change. The only reason I need a fast /p is to see if a friend is online. Anything else contained in the message can usually wait the half-second it takes to read.

    As long as it's not in code, and nothing's been removed, I don't see a problem.
  12. Well yes voting did get added but the layout, apart from new items, has stayed the same.
  13. Well, after looking into this myself I can understand why they chose for this layout. Or so I think..

    First line is also the first sign-in date. Last line is the last sign-in moment (this was a feature request if I'm not mistaken). So there is definitely some logic to be found here. As to the suggestion itself.. Well, to be honest I can't say this new format really upsets me all that much, also because it doesn't appear to me as if they simply shuffled the whole thing in a random order.
  14. I only just noticed this recently
    But it is a bit confusing since I am used to the old layout.

    But after time I'm sure we will all get used to the new layout (just for them to change it again [XD jk])
  15. and guess what, it is a "because we can"

    It didn't belong at the bottom as we've added more things to /p and I just never noticed that line kept getting pushed down.

                Util.sendMsg(sender, "&bInformation on Empire Minecraft player " + user.colorName);
                Util.sendMsg(sender, " &bFirst Empire Sign-in:&f " + Util.prettyLastDate(user.firstLogin));
                showGroupInfo(sender, user, name);
                ResidenceManager.showDerelictStatus(sender, name, " &b");
                showPreviousNames(sender, user);
                showVotingInfo(sender, user);
                ZombiePlague.showZombiePlaguePInfo(sender, user);
                if (user.extended().isBanned) {
                    showBanInfo(sender, user, now);
                } else {
                    EmpireServer currentServer = info.getCurrentServer();
                    if (currentServer != null) {
                        Player p = Bukkit.getServer().getPlayerExact(name);
                        if (user.isOnline()) {
                            showCurrentStatus(sender, p);
                            showCurrentLocInfo(sender, p);
                        } else {
                            Util.sendMsg(sender, " &bOnline Status:&f Connected to server " + currentServer.extraLabel);
                showLastSeenInfo(sender, user);
                if (user.isFriends(sender.getUserId())) {
                    Util.sendMsg(sender, " &bThis player is your friend.");
                final String personalNotes = PlayerNoteCommand.getPersonalNotes(sender, user);
                if (personalNotes != null) {
                    Util.sendMsg(sender, " &bPersonal Notes:&f " + personalNotes);
                Util.sendMsg(sender, " &bFirst Empire Sign-in:&f " + Util.prettyLastDate(user.firstLogin));
    It's out of place being at the bottom. It belongs up top with the group info WHERE IT USE TO BE before all of the new stuff being added...
    Over the years we added new things, and based on how the code use to be, ended up above first sign in.

    So, its back up with the initial information and its staying there. You'll get use it.
    The only thing that should of moved was the first seen.

    I will move it to be with Last Seen though
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  16. +1. I like how the old layout shows where people are.
  17. Why not revert it back to its normal layout? There were only two new lines added: the "Previously known as" line and the "This player is your friend" line.

    It could be in the order it was a few days ago, when it was how it looked before... :)

    Maybe we could wait until a certain date to see which poll choice wins, perhaps?

    The old, old layout did that; the map hide settings in /ps changed that a while back.
  18. I liked the old one, I'll probably get used to the new one in time but I don't see why I have to get used to it when I still prefer the old one anyway... At least have a /ps to use the old one, as many (clearly by the votes in poll and by some of the replies here) would still prefer to have it? :)
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  19. Yeah.. It is a bit of a small silly thing to ask for and as Aikar said I'm sure most of are just experiencing the bitterness that always comes with change and we will likely get used to it within a week.
  20. Can I get a before/after screenshot of this?