[Suggestion] Residence PVP battle

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  1. So here's what I'm thinking. At the end of every month, Aikar saves and takes one of the SMP Town worlds and puts it on the event server and everyone has access to everything in that world and a PVP battle royale takes place. This could be a little bit like UHC where there are teams and everyone starts away from each other and there are borders. After 30 minutes or so, the borders start to close in.

    Because of many residences having empiness, you would not take fall damage. If you had fallen into one of these residences, you can just build out like normal :p.

    I'm writing this off the top of my head, but now that I think about it, chests in my opinion would be a bad idea to have open, so chests would be empty (you could use the world downloader mod as it only saves chests you open).

    The choice of what SMP it will be on can be random or voted for throughout the month.

    Tell me what you think :)

    Edit 1: StoneSky suggested it be called the EMC Purge!
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  2. I don't really understand?
  3. If you have ever played Ultra Hardcore, it is basically that but instead of you looking for ores on a randomly generated map, you are looking for items on one of the SMP towns.
  4. He means take an smp world and use it as a pvp minigame world. This would never happen seeing that many people own promos.
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  5. This could be fun.
  6. Thx for explaining. Good idea, A+
  7. It wont really be the items on that res it will be clone items that wont be able to leave that world / event place
  8. *grabs eggnog, cashes in for FML, destroys the world*
  9. I think he means take a copy of the smp and put it on another server.
  10. Use resources around the town and battle in spawn. I would actually find this fun, of course separate from EMC.
  11. Diamond pyramids!
  12. Dynamite pyramids, that's what you mean.
  13. Just imagining it it seems the battle would last about as long as the server can hold it xD
  14. I like this, but the promos that people have on their residences could be too op. :/
    ie: Turkey Slicer, Ham Hacker, Marlix Bow, OP Diamond Armor
  15. It would be a war that will last as long as the world does. The worlds itself are massive and you can find so many resources. As I stated it, it would last as long as the server is going to allow it. I am sure that teams would be settled and have different spawn points.
  16. The chest contents could be removed.
  17. no... that is what would make the thing fun.
  18. what about item frames? or donkey chests? or furnaces and brewing stands? :p
  19. I dunno. We would have to see what aikar and krysyy think about it because this is just a sketch
  20. I would love this to be the Empire's Official UHC

    But can we call it the purge? +1