[Suggestion] Residence PVP battle

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  1. To make cloning items impossible, why not remove the ability to use mail and vault features?
  2. /vault and /mail is already disabled on the games server I believe. Krysyy said something about that one day.
  3. i think this would be a great idea if there wasnt this one rule. the rule is "no pvp unless in pvp arenas". so i realy cant rate this
  4. This would be off of EMC. Look at it like the UHC's that RainbowChin hosts every Sunday. Maybe at the end of every month, instead of chin hosting it on a random generated map, he could do it on a town map.
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  5. So, I COULD IN THEORY hide out in my own residence which is basically a maze and trap people there untill the borders start shrinking. Seriously I am the only person who doesn't get lost there
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  6. Town map is really big... maybe a cropped town map, or maybe the build team could build a giant pvp map
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