[Suggestion] Res tag requirements?

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  1. Is it possible to make it harder to set up certain flags for reses? Specifically +mall and similar. I've spent a large amount of time the past few weeks searching out decent shops to use in the future and I swear it feels like 9 out of 10 tagged reses are "under construction" or abandoned or "you don't have permission" or just someone's res that they put 2 sale boxes on.

    It's very frustrating, especially if you have a reason to need to hurry.

    Thank you for the consideration, I know this could be hard to implement.
  2. Yes! Just yes. Reses with move off and a res flag should be ignored when using the command.

    I do not think there is a way to make sure someone has the mall functioning but There should me a rule or a message stating that you should only use flags if the flag is appropriate or if the res is complete.
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  3. Certain # of shop signs? Like 250 for a mall?
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  4. I say appropriate.. the res shouldn't just have to be complete just to have a tag.. what if you have 3 sections of your mall finished by still working on the other section? You are going to be banned for not having it complete?
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  5. You wouldn't get banned, just the tag removed or ignored.
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  6. Purpose of tags is for us customers to be able to find what we want simply & easily; being sent to an unfinished mall or not even one at all is absolutely pointless and shouldn't happen.
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  7. Thats what I was saying..haha..
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  8. Meant to quote wisepsn :p
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  9. I wouldn't say it has to be 100% complete, just a good percentage. If you have 30 chests with cobble and dirt then there isn't a reason to be labeled a mall. Label it by what you specialize in or as a general shop. Malls should have EVERYTHING or nearly.

    I would like to see the +mall or something like it be a special tag, that had to be approved or had a big qualifier to be able to apply it. Either a mod to approve it or needs 100 signs maybe.

    And I agree, it should just be etiquette but there are a lot of children that play that just won't ever understand or follow those guidelines.
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  10. Every time when I do /v +mall, I visit a res with the following
    • Under Construction Mall
    • A dirt shack selling dirt
    • A wood shack selling 5 items
    • No shop signs anywhere
    • An actual mall
    Please make the following requirements:
    +shop - At least 5 shop signs
    +Mall - At least 50 shop signs
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  11. Yeah, using /v +shop is nearly completely pointless. I think since it is part of the wiki everyone that starts a res sets their first flag as +shop.
  12. The thing is..
    Why do you want your plot visited when you have nothing on it?
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  13. Because... children.
  14. I personally don't feel like needing a certain number of shop signs should be a requirement; a lot of people I know are very well off selling only a few types of items and have hoppers re-feed items into the chests. (like Chickeneer's iron shop for instance)

    The move - false, tp - false, and banned reses should all be ignored when the system looks for shop tags before teleporting you however.
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  15. I would use a +iron. I'm always looking for good potion or enchanting shops by using specific tags. Using just +shop will bring in a lot of people not looking for iron.
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  16. I agree, there needs to be some way to control the use of the mall tag. I was recently server hopping to find a mall with lapis blocks in stock and kept getting sent to dirt shacks and 5 chest stores. I found it frustrating to say the least. I like the idea of needing mod approval before the tag can be placed, or having a shop sign requirement seeing as to be technically considered a mall you have to be selling more than a few things. Also I don't mind if an unfinished mall has the tag as long as they still have a good amount of items on sale or at least a chest at their spawn with some sort of deal to tide visitors over till the mall is complete just so it doesn't feel like a wasted trip.

    I also have issue with the res' that have shop tags that don't take you directly to the shop they own but instead takes you to the outer edge of the res and you have to follow such and such to find the shop, some do it right with having a teleport room or teleports nearby the spawn so you don't have to travel a mile to get there.

    Trying to change the requirements for shop tags is probably a lost cause at this point, but I still think the mall tag can be saved :p
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  17. No, this could be abused like this-A person wants a tag, gets a mod over, then the player says they change their mind. This is not a good idea and auto-check could be used. The auto-check also has some downsides too, for example, a person wants to set their res for an egg farm, but they don't have any shops on their res, so they can't set the tag, and they have to waste wood to make the amount of chests and signs needed.
  18. Not seeing why you need a +shop tag for an egg farm...
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  19. Right now there would only be for certain generic res tags. I do not think you are getting the thread. It is not approved by a mod, it is just by the system. It would really be for +shop and +mall.
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  20. No one was saying that you shouldn't be able to use other tags, just +mall and +shop.

    And i completely don't understand what you are trying to say about a person making a mall then changing their mind. Elaborate if you would like.
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