[Suggestion] Request/suggest removal of invalid shop tags from residences

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  1. Hi,

    I don't think this has been suggested or brought up - I've had a search and browse through suggestions so sorry if it has been discussed before.

    It would be good if the "/v +shop" command could be used and you really did get taken to a random shop on the server. I find that two-thirds of the residences that are tagged with shop are not shops, are shops that are half built with no stock or are no longer being stocked. Perhaps a solution would be for players to be able to log a notification that they are at a residence that is tagged with shop but is not an actual working shop. Then after a certain number of notifications a mod can review the residence and either request the player removes their shop tag, or if it's an abandoned residence remove it manually? Or maybe there is another solution?

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  2. I'm positive this has been suggested or brought up before xD
    No offence, you couldn't know, but this is like the most often suggested suggestion of the year :rolleyes:
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  3. Although it has been suggested, it is still a good idea. Giving shop owners the chance to upvote or down vote a shop is a good idea.
  4. I believe JackBiggin had a reddit-style idea thing for this. (Website I think)
  5. It was a hard thing to search for "shop" "tag" "residence" etc all bring up a lot of posts :D
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  6. Staff has talked this over. Please report any you see and prefix it with TAGS in all caps so that we can filter the appropriately.
  7. So we use the report feature or do we just say it into the chat?
  8. Use /report like this:

    /report jkrmnj TAGS no shop on res #### smp#
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  9. Fantastic, thanks! :)
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