[Suggestion] Enable /reports for /v +shop

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  1. Heya EMC. I'm here to make a suggestion to fix an issue that has been bothering me for quite a while. Aikar implented an awesome feature to EMC a long time ago that made a residence owner able to tag hes residence, with for example "Shop, Parkour and Hotel" I've seen a lot of new guys using that feature to find a place to buy some materials at, and i just see WAY to many player adding "Shop/Mall" tag to their residence, without having an actual shop there. My suggestion is basiclly to make that an reportable offense, not as it should be punishable to make a wrong tag, but if you get too many reports your tag would be removed, and you would somehow be banned from using the tag temporaily.
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  2. Not a bad idea +1
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  3. I like this idea, and agree that there are too many unfitting residences listed under the shop and mall tag. The idea of reporting a residence is good, and have moderators be able to /res tag remove on another residence. However, I don't think the player should be punished, just have the tag removed and if possible just restrict them from adding that tag back to the residence for a set period of time (2 weeks maybe?). I think if implemented this will enable new members find necessary materials in an easier way.
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  4. Exaaactly what i stated there.
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  5. I actually suggested this upon release and Aikar said that he didn't think it would happen enough for there to be punishment... Maybe he was wrong but it will most likely stay that way.
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  6. Misunderstood what you said, my bad :p
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  7. We ALL want this.

    Another idea that could happen: Res Tag Requirements.
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  8. I think I've suggested before that you need a certain # of shop signs to qualify for a mall or something along those lines. I support this though.
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  9. While this is a good idea, I can see it abused by a group of people with another group of malls falsely reporting a mall/shop residence only to remove their tag and get more visits to their own mall while still having their tag. Great idea but would need to be staff checked/run.
  10. Reporting wrongfully would of course be a punishable offense as it already is with our normal report system.
  11. +1 This was annoying to me when I first joined and didn't know the names of good shops yet. Using the /v +shop, I saw more non-shops than actual shops.
  12. I support this suggestion.
  13. +1 sooo many reses with half-complete, derelict, dirt huts that have the tag "mall" or "shop"
  14. I think the only time that this should be a thing is if they make no indication via res message or sign that they are making a shop.
  15. This has always been a thing that has annoyed me, is unfinished malls. We all know that 90% of 'in progress' malls are a failure. No sugarcoating needed, it's a given fact. There is absolutely 0 point in having something tagged if it's in progress.. Can't put an ad up for selling a PC when you've only built half of it.
  16. OP already got a 'like' from me, but I just want to echo my endorsement. Non-shops using the +shop tag needs to be dealt with in some fashion, although I can think of more important things I'd rather see staff spending their time enforcing.
    Might be a good auto-requirement for using +shop or +mall tags, to have a set number of shop signs on the residence. Ideally, removing the signs would automatically disable the tag from being used.
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  17. I think this would be better solution in the long run. Like you said, other things staff should be focusing on, so having a system that just knows would of course be better. You could still report it if say.. all the shop signs are dirt for free or something like that, but that way, most cases will just be handled automatically.
  18. Better yet. Instead have the shop/mall list be generated without tagging (not allow for players to set the tag). So once you have enough shop signs it would auto add you to list.
    But of course I don't see how this can happen till the so sound get an overhaul