[SUGGESTION] Request SS to make a gradual transition between old and new terrain

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by We3_MPO, Dec 25, 2017.

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  1. Many of you who have been a few thousand blocks out from the frontier spawn and/or played before 1.7.2 probably know that when the old and new terrain meet, the biome transition is sudden and the terrain can drop off vertically. This can get really annoying for some people if they have an outpost on that type of terrain boundary, and while I don't have to deal with that in the MPO, I'm quite afraid that I will in 1.14.

    So I have a suggestion: Being able to pay a modest to large fee (1,000-5,000r per 16-100 blocks?) to Senior Staff and Community Managers to fix that problem by smoothing out the terrain, and if the terrain is land to ocean or jungle to other land, make a beach or jungle edge biome in that area accordingly. However, I believe this should only be done in the person's outpost and/or outpost communities, and only if they request and pay for it.
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  2. Cool suggestion, but ive seen builder threads which offer terraforming, which might be a good substitute for your suggestion
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  3. That's a good idea, and people could also terraform their own outposts. But this would be for the people who don't trust the regular players to do a good job and would get bored easily of terraforming their self, or if they wanted an actual biome transition (Jungle Edge, Beach, or a Desert strip that forms on the edges of Mesas) as well.
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  4. Bump. Still waiting for opinions, especially from staff! :)
  5. Staff in general dont really do much in the frontier. I have this problem in my old outpost but just dealt with it myself (after demoing two half mountains)
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  6. SS do not perform services in the frontier/wastelands unless it is required due to very rare cases of land disputes. A job such as this is not an easy transition cut/paste either. I advise you look into hiring a terraformer player if you settled down near a transition line.
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  7. To add on what Krysyy said: EMC dos not have the tools to do such a thing, to make that work you would need either worldpainter or voxelsniper, EMC doesn't have any of them. (I know yon can also do something with worldedit, but that looks tremendously ugly unless you edit it by hand later) So, the only way to do that currently is by hand, which is the same as any other player would do it.
    The only way I can see this working is by asking the build team to come along, but, honestly, I wouldn't have time for that, and I'm sure all other buildteam members would neither.
    It would though, Aikar and Krysyy, be a nice reason to finally add voxelsniper to EMC. It would really be helpful :p
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