[SUGGESTION] Removal of Old Locked Chests

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  1. I've been renovating an older area of the Nether for a while now, and just keep running into Locked Chests that belong to other members. The only problem is that the owners of the Locked Chest has been derelict for over a year and show no sign of returning. With me unable to move or destroy the Locked Chests, I'm forced to build around it. I'm suggesting that a new Senior Staff service is added to remove old Locked Chests for those who have been derelict for over a year or even been banned. The price would depend if it was a Single or Double chest. What do you think?
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  2. I agree, I've even seen locked chests with no name on it and it's impossible to know who's it is.
  3. Actually SS will do this already. If the player is derelict for an extended time.

    The chest will need to be directly in the way of a build you are working on. The player will need to be derelict for several months. You will need to PM the owner of the chest, with a SS involved, to see if they will come get the items. No response in a week, the SS will remove the chest.

    At least this is how it was handled when I request it done.
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  4. If a player goes derelict for a year make the chest a bonus chest!

    Really though the staff should delete a players chest if they are gone for a year. simple. done. Lose your house in a month, lose your locked chest in a year. Though it would be nice if the loot inside was put into a type of "abandon chest" that players could find like the holiday chest. There might be some good things in there that would be a shame to see go to waste and it would make a fun scavenger hunt for chests all the time because you never know when one will be put out.
  5. Locked chests should be removed when someone is permabanned, to reenforce the "new start" thing.
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  6. The person that was banned can still dispute it as being a false ban.
  7. The wild is meant to be a place where you can build without the limitations of town, especially regarding going derelict. A system that would automatically turn locked chests into open chests after a certain amount of time would go in the total opposite direction of what the wild was supposed to be.
    And really, "abandoned chests"?? So you should be able to claim items that belong to a player that went derelict just because you found it? Those items belong to someone, it's not just random loot! Removing items from a chest, locked or not, that belong to any player, derelict or not, is griefing, period. Why should it be different here?
    As Dektirok said, SS will remove chests/locked chests IF they are on the way of something you're building or are close to a claimed outpost. Still, that doesn't mean that you get to keep anything inside.
  8. Birosquinha, I am sensing some tension with the exclamations undelines and capitals. Perhaps I was not clear. Lets bring it back down and start over with the staff remove the chest, take the items and put them in "abandon chest" which is similar to the "holiday chest" and place it somewhere else in the wild. Now It is the staff who are opening, removing, and setting up the chest for us to find. Now if it is considerd Griefing to open a "Holiday Chest" and take the contents then I guess you are right.
  9. No.
    The holiday chests are summoned in as an event. The items belong to whoever finds them.
    An abandoned chest would be taking someone else's items, which is stealing, a form of greifing.
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  10. As everyone else said. SS will remove any locked chests near your build if the player is derelict
  11. If something is put out by a staff member for us for an event its ok, right? You guys are getting hung up on the name. call it "pudding duck chest" for all I care. The idea is that it is the STAFF that decide what is done, staff collect locked chest, not player. Staff will decide what goes into the "pudding duck chest" and where they hide it. I don't care if they save it for drop parties or hide it in easter eggs or tell us to gather for a big party and burn it right in front of us. The point is The STAFF ARE DECIDING, NOT US!

    wow, now I see where the capitals, underlining and exclamations come from lol. I am going to take it down a notch and go gather some cobble to fill my duck puddings.
  12. I may have taken it personally, and I'm sorry for that, but my opinion is the same.
    I play at the wild since I joined EMC, all my stuff is there: all my builds, my farms, my promos and valuables, etc. I built there because I wanted to play real survival and because I wanted my belongings to be safe, in case I ever stopped playing for a while and decided to come back later. And then you say:
    Now you see my side?
    There is absolutely no point in removing a player's chest just for the sake of doing it, or for the benefit of other players. As said before staff can remove locked chests under special circumstances, and I agree with that, but otherwise they should remain untouched.
  13. I think the contents of locked chests belonging to people banned for griefing/stealing could well be handled in this way. And even, if the items inside were reported stolen, returned to the person who reported the theft.
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