[suggestion] Remote Preview sign

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  1. Basically a remote shop sign, but with the [PREVIEW] functionality.
    Handy to showcase your items from your secret chest, or in my case show the points in a minigame while the collection chest is in a very hard to reach spot.

    Could be a new promo item alongside the remote shop sign, or perhaps an upgrade to the existing shop sign (and rename it remote feature sign? why not make a remote message sign while we are at it?)
  2. just in time in need this before saturday becouse i cant be botored to build a hole water system troug 50 blocks of redstone stuf and back
  3. I like the transforming idea to

    "Remote Feature Sign"
  4. Close to this, I wouldn't mind seeing Preview signs usable in the frontier... or these same remote preview signs...
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  6. we need this really bad.
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  7. we need this i dont know how i was able to live with out this before
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  8. :confused:

    I totally didn't know that the remote signs could not already do this... I was about to use a couple this way.
    Okay, that Bites...

    SO +100 for Progryck noticing this before I failed at making the signs miserably and thought it was something that I did wrong :cool: gg progryck
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  9. I’ve done what this suggestion would like to have remote signs do with said preview. There is a loophole that would work. Just set the sign up as a shop sign and make the price of something ridiculously high like a billion rupees. No one is buying anything for that price. It’ll serve as a preview until/if this is implemented as a function of the remote signs.
  10. I came to that conclusion as well. :)
    Yet, preferably in my scenario i want to remote preview the contents of a dispenser, and those are not recognized for a shop.
    But for everyone else, this is indeed a nice current workaround.