[SUGGESTION] Remonve [ Username ]

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  1. All my yes! +1. Its extremely annoying and for players who don't know what it is its probably very confusing. :)
  2. Yea, but the best part is I can do this

    I'm Watching You [username]
  3. I was so confused at first. I did not hear of the feature, and I was getting trolled, left, right, and center :p I do not see how this helps anything on forums, +1 to removing.
  4. I blame it all on [username]
  5. I personally NEED it for some special wiki stuffs (and also nagged Aikar to add it a while ago). :)

    If people abuse nice things, we should get rid of the people... not the nice things.
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  7. *hides*
  8. *wonders what wiki stuff the hamster needs it for*

    The command is actually quite confusing, and we need to have some sort of limit to it or punishment for misusing it...
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  9. If there was a way to disable it on the forums but enable it on the wiki that would be great, but I guess XenForo doesn't work like that.

    Never mind, it can be done :D
    It also breaks quotes, so if the was a fix for that, that would be great too. :p
  10. That seems too harsh to me, it would be almost like punishing people for for using %player on their residences (although that's on their residences). Would make much more sense to simply block use for regular players. :)

    If there isn't a way to disable it in groups I personally don't think it's worth it on the Wiki just to make it look a bit more fancy.
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  11. A bit harsh. How about 2 year olds only?
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  12. "Getting rid of the people" or punishing them yes harsh
  13. Hopefully there is a way. More than one person has been confused by their name popping up in threads. Misuse would of course be using it to confuse/anger people on purpose...
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  14. No because then you are giving it 'exclusivity' and I thought that EMC wasn't like that. Also you can argue that because they've been on the empire longer that they are more mature, but that isn't always the case. :)
  15. It would need Aikar to install another addon, but it is possible to limit BBCode usage by permissions.

    It's more than making it fancy. It's a fundamental feature I need to create something.

    By abuse, I'd say using it to purposely annoy/confuse something is that. Not simply using it to customise messages a little bit.

    I wonder if we could make it auto colour/underline/bold or whatever if a player uses it.
  16. The majority of people I've seen using it are for "I BLAME {username}!" So I feel like it could cause unnecessary confusion and feel like people are being attacked etc. I think we should allow it, but only if they say they used it after, or make it obvious they did.
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  17. I think it needs to be blocked completely with Jack's method, as the requirement of its moderation just isn't worth it
  18. I blocked it to wiki only
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  19. Oh thank you so much!
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