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  1. Well first off I love minecraft(Not sure who doesn't) And I just wanted to say HI! And introduce myself... Umm I love a lot of things geek( Like TV shows, games,ect.) big Anime/Manga FAN! And here is me! :D Hi.
  2. Hi.
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  3. Welcome to the Empire, EpicNerd. :D If I can ask what kind of Animes you watch and what mangas you read.

    Prolly creepiest Hi. plus profile pic doesn't hurt... scaring new members lol :p
  4. Howdy. You chose an interesting time to join - we've been having tons of updates recently. Enjoy the Empire!
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  5. Hello, welcome to EMC! Hope you have a long and prosperous stay here! Be sure to try and make lots of friends from around the world if that's what you'd like to do! Go exploring in the wild! Mine to your heart's content in the wastelands. Bring glory to your res! Good luck!
  6. Welcome! Advise: What ever happends dont trust nick. Dont say the "M" word either
  7. Well I Watch/Read D.gray-man, Black Butler, and InuYasha, Bleach, Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist. And a few more. And I also draw a little.
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  8. Nice, I watch everyone one of those except D.Gray and Black butler.
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  9. Welcome and adond why you post ma user name? xD just wondering
  10. Welcome to the empire! :)

  11. He didn't, he did [username], which outputs as [username]
  12. Welcome to the Empire! :D Hope you like it here! If you need any help don't be afraid to ask or check the wiki. :)
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  13. Nuuuu all of you stop quoting username thing it confuses me >_<
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  14. Can you read your own post?
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  15. No I can't but I could when you quoted it, weird.
  16. That's because when you use [username] you have to do [/username] after it and people forget about that.
  17. Oh yeah,that makes since, thanks.