[Suggestion] Releasing World Seeds

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  1. sorry if this has been suggested before but i looked all over the forums and didn't find any mention of what i'm about to suggest so onward to the actual suggestion:

    As i was running around the wastelands over the last few months i have found some pretty Epic scenery. Places that would make good mines, beautiful home locales, winding forest roads between villages, cities, and traveling caravans. Point is i found places i like that gave me ideas but didn't want to build in them because of the whole reseting-ness of the wastes. And for those that are reading this that have no idea what the waste resets are...they are pretty self explanatory really, staff reset the mining worlds periodically to provide fresh ores, minerals, and resources for the players.

    So i was thinking perhaps someone could provide the world seeds for the varying wastelands. Obviously not while they are active on EMC as that could provide an unfair advantage for mining and such. But maybe just before a reset go through grab the seeds and post them AFTER the resets. That way people like me who saw an interesting place can build more permanant structures and explore the ideas they had without fear of having they're hard work destroyed.

    Anywho's was just a random thought i had that i thought i'd suggest.

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  2. +1 Although I would not use this feature, I do know that some people would enjoy it.
  3. I'll have to double check with Aikar, but I think that would be possible without causing any issues.
  4. I second this! There are plenty of amazing areas that I have found in the wild near my outpost and I want to use them in a singleplayer world. Since that world never resets and mining for resources only isn't allowed, the world seed could be released as soon as possible.
  5. We wouldn't do it for a currently active world.
  6. Then the wild world seed will never be released, since it never resets, correct?
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  7. Most likely. If they released it, a player could go through in creative and find every resource, writing down the locations. Boom, mod-free xray mod on EMC.
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  8. Knew this.
    Guess I'll see if there is a working world downloader for 1.8 then. Even if I don't get the raw world, the developed cities and such are awesome as well.
  9. I think that would be great!
  10. I would love to this idea +10
  11. I (probably) wouldn't be using this myself but I can definitely see why others might want to.

    +1 from me.
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  12. +1 I probably won't use this but others will want to for sure
  13. Dang, other than all of the negative rejections on this suggestion thread... I see know problem with this at all
  14. I support this.
  15. +1 this waste and the last one on smp7 both have really epic xhills biomes. Also it would be nice to be able to go back to places that you had fun memories for purely nostalgic reasons. Of course you would have to recreate anything that was built there in a SP game but you still get the world, which would be much harder to build lol.
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  16. Oh, but what's to stop people from making a CSP world with the seed and finding all the diamonds?